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Should you be using Intimate wipes?

To stay clean and hygiene, taking a quick look at your vagina once/twice a day should be on your to-do-list. However, the vagina is self-cleaning, this is should be strictly followed during summer. Anything out of normal can cause pain, irritation, itching in the V. If you find something's not right down there, then you should consult your doctor or OBGYN. But you can't visit your physician every time. So it is advisable to use a few feminine hygiene products which should help you keep things in control. Here's why should you be using Intimate Wipes.

Which menstrual cup is right for you?

Choosing a menstrual cup is just like buying a new pair of boots. One should be aware of her feet size and which shape fits you perfectly and comfortably. This applies very well for menstrual cups too. There are only two things that you need to consider when choosing the right menstrual cup size.

Are Menstrual cups safe?

Menstruation, the oldest phenomenon in this world since Eve is the first human gender happened to exist in this world. So as the earth started ageing, the menstrual blood is considered to be gross which led humans to invent a way to absorb it without letting it flow out. Since then there are numerous ways to absorb and collect the menstrual fluid have come into existence till date such as Sanitary pads, Tampons, Menstrual cups, Cloth pads, Period panties and so on. But expect the menstrual cups and cloth pads everything is disposable which is today contributing to over 24 hectares of landfills in India. That's why the menstrual cup is the perfect solution environment. But are menstrual cup safe for women? Read the full blog to find out whether it is safe or dangerous to human?

Menstrual Cup Health Risks

Nothing is ideally good in this world and menstrual cups are not an exception. There are few things which are considered to be dangers and possess a potential risk to human health. This article will look-see the nitty-gritty of the risks associated with menstrual cups. Keep reading to know which is what.

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