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Are Reusable Pads Leak Proof?

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Menstrual Cloth Pads are simple, safe and comfortable to use and help to manage your periods. Women who wear cloth pads feel confident because they do not expose their skin to chemicals or irritating materials. The top and absorption layer of cloth pads are unbleached and made of undyed organic cotton. Cotton that is used in cloth pads is breathable and absorbs moisture instead of repelling it. These two characteristics will allow the air to flow, absorbs your menstrual liquid which prevents the blood soaking through your pads and onto your panties.

Waterproof Cloth Pads

The material present inside the outer layer of reusable cloth pads is waterproof coated. Buy leak proof cloth pads from shycart so that you can feel confident while wearing them. Waterproof coating on the outer layer will not allow water to enter into it. The coating is made using biodegradable TPU which is safe, flexible, durable and soft to touch. Reusable cloth pads are waterproof. Buy waterproof cloth pads from shycart and enjoy your periods without stain fear.

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Modified on 17 Apr, 2021

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