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Manforce chocolate flavoured condoms 10's

Manforce chocolate flavoured condoms 10's

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Get the punch of aphrodisiac Chocolate essence to make your better half concupiscent. Manforce Chocolate Flavoured condoms can make your libido very artistic as the chocolates are capable of flickering and refreshing your mood and sensations. Manforce Chocolate Flavour will make you both feel secluded in each other's company. Buy Manforce Chocolate Flavoured Condoms online at shycart with 100% assured privacy and completely concealed packagings.

Manforce Chocolate Flavoured Condoms

Make your missy bossy in bed with the refreshing aroma of chocolate from Manforce chocolate flavoured condoms. Manforce Chocolate condoms are drenched completely in the raw and purely edible essence of the capricious chocolate and designed delicately for oral sex. Blow her mind with Manforce chocolate flavoured condoms, which is smeared with the chocolate essence, that tastes just like the real chocolate. Manforce chocolate flavoured condoms are fabricated to have dots on the outer surface that let you both reach the zenith of Mt.Euphoria as the protruding dots are meant to titillate the erogenous spots inside her vagina.

Manforce Chocolate Flavoured and dotted Condoms will tickle easily the inaccessible spots to ignite and flicker her stimulation that keep her on her toes throughout your act of eroticism. Manforce Chocolate flavoured and dotted condoms will work a charm and turn your innocent girl to wild and bossy woman and she will be the one calling the shots. So buy Manforce chocolate Flavoured condoms to step into the new path of your sex life. Feeling little shy to get Manforce Chocolate condoms at the outlet stores? Don't worry, now you can buy Manforce chocolate condoms from where you are sitting. Buy Manforce Chocolate Flavoured Condoms online at shycart where your privacy is our priority.

Manforce Chocolate Flavoured Condoms – Product Info

Colour & Lubrication: Transparent and Lubricated

Flavour: Chocolate

Texture: Dotted contour

Thickness: Width of the regular condom is 1mm

Shape: Straight Walled & Teat ended

Condom Size: Length 180 mm ; Width: 53 ±2 mm (Standard)

Disposable Pouch: Not Included

Women need a perfect evening to have sex, but men just need a place. Most of the Indian men think their spouses are either shy or lack excitement during the act. They may look incapable of trying new things in bed. But there is a covert solution for all these men who want their partners to reciprocate more than the amount of love they give them. Wave away your longing dreams and make it happen like magic with - Manforce flavoured condoms, this was the acuity, Manforce focused upon in the campaign.

Buy Manforced Chocolate flavoured condoms that comes with the concupiscent chocolate flavour and lubricant to make your lovemaking even smoother. One can't simply refuse a delightful chocolate's satisfaction, exclusively when it is Moods Chocolate Flavoured condoms. The cocoa colours embellish the perfect tinge of sweetness and colour to an erotic night. Moods Chocolate Flavoured condoms are specially manufactured to taste and smell just exactly like freshly enticing cocoa. These chocolate condoms are made from the natural ingredients which is the secret of added amusement. Are you scared of privacy? Don't worry shycart deals a perfect way packing them and make a perfect delivery with privacy.

What is the texture of Manforce chocolate flavoured condoms?

Manforce chocolate flavoured are dotted textured to provide more fun and pleasure.

Are these condoms lubricated?

Manforce chocolate flavoured condoms are pre-lubricated latex condoms to make your lovemaking even smoother.

What is the shape of Manforce condoms?

These condoms are straight walled and teat ended.

What is the use of manforce condoms?

Using condoms during sexual intercourse is to make sure you get the necessary safety and protection. Condoms if used rightly, can save you from STDs and unwanted pregnancy.

Are manforce condoms safe to use?

With years of experience in manufacturing condoms, each manforce condom is tested for all the quality and safety issues. Manforce chocolate flavoured condoms are electronically tested against any breakage and other quality issues.

Can manforce condom be reused?

No, condoms are for single use only. Manforce condoms cannot be reused. When not used rightly as per the instructions, no condoms assure protection and safety.

Is it safe to use flavoured condoms?

Flavoured condoms are also similar to regular condoms with a difference that flavoured condoms are designed for oral sex only. Flavoured condoms are specially designed to enhance safety and pleasure during your lovemaking sessions. To provide maximum safety and protection, use condoms from top manufacturing brands, and follow the instructions provided.

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