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Kohinoor pink condom 10s x 3

Kohinoor pink condom 10s x 3

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Kohinoor pink colored condoms are the no.1 small size condoms in India. Pink condom is made from the finest natural rubber latex and it is well lubricated which helps to make your lovemaking very smooth and comfortable. It is 100% electronically tested for reliable quality and durability to ensure 100% protection while making love. Kohinoor Pink Condom accords great fit (close fit) and outstanding quality standard.

Kohinoor pink condom specification:

Description Anatomically shaped and small size condom, suitable for all Indian men
Material Natural rubber latex
Condom Texture Plain Condoms
Color Pink colour
Flavour None
Lubricated Yes
Condom Style Smooth and Superfit
Shape Anatomically shaped & Teat ended
Pink Condom Length 170 mm (Small Size)
Pink Condom Nominal width 49 ± 2 mm
Tested against breakage Yes, 5 times electronically tested.
Condom Pack Size 10s x 3 = 30 condoms
Price Rs.230
Usage For single use only.

Kohinoor pink small size condom - Audio

Audio Description for Kohinoor pink small condom.

Kohinoor Pink Condom Features

  • Super fit size condom
  • Naturally soft
  • Perfect lubrication
  • 100% safe to use
  • No side effects

Super fit size

Kohinoor pink condoms are snug fit condoms. They have a smaller size when compared to the standard condoms. This allows a better and firm fit of the condom over the genitalia. Small sized condoms are most suitable for people who require a better fit during intercourse allowing them to have incredible sensual experiences. Also, if the standard condoms are too loose, then switching them with these super fit condoms would be beneficial. Kohinoor pink is anatomically shaped which allows it to have a firm grip over the girth of the penis thereby making it the best choice for pleasurable outcomes!

Naturally soft

The best part about these pink condoms is that they made from materials that are naturally soft and silky! When the genitals are in contact, the soft touch of pink condom makes lovemaking feel more natural than ever. Due to the delicate nature of the genitalia, condoms which are naturally soft are considered to be the best choice for intimacy. Using a condom have are made from hard material can result in unpleasant experiences during lovemaking. Therefore, Kohinoor pink condoms are necessary to use a naturally soft condom during your intimate moments.

Perfect lubrication

Pink condoms are well lubricated to make lovemaking easier and pleasurable. Lack of lubrication can cause pain and genital discomfort which can adversely affect your sexual pleasures. Genital dryness often leads to blisters and pain in the intimate skin. Kohinoor pink condom makes intercourse painful rather than playful. A well lubricated condom tackles the issues of lack of lubrication with the help of additional lubrication provided on its surface. This paves path for smoother and pleasurable moments of intimacy!

100% Dermatologically & Electronically Tested

Kohinoor condoms are dermatologically to assure that it’s safe for usage and skin-friendly. This Kohinoor small size is also subjected to electronic tests to check for defects or holes. Kohinoor delivers the best quality condoms which makes it one of the best sought after brand in India. Along with a unique blend and variety of condoms, Kohinoor brand manufactures condoms of best quality and reliability.

Kohinoor pink size

Generally, condoms have a specified length of 180mm and a width of 53 ±2 mm. However, Kohinoor pink condoms are a little small compared to the normal condom size. Kohinoor pink condom size is 170 mm length and 49 ±2 mm width. This is one of the best small size condoms in India. Kohinoor small size condoms are the most preferred choice when it comes to quality and comfortable fit.

Kohinoor Pink Condom Price

Kohinoor pink price is Rs.76 for a pack of 10 pieces and Kohinoor pink better fit 3s price is Rs.24 when you buy pink condoms online in India. Average per piece of Kohinoor pink price is Rs.6 online. The Kohinoor condoms price is quite affordable and it is widely available as well.

Kohinoor pink condoms review

For the first time in India, Kohinoor is introducing small size – super fit Condoms. Kohinoor pink condom is the India’s No.1 small size condom which is the best super fit condom for all Indian men and it’s trusted by millions of couples around the world. For our customer’s reviews, please check out below in the reviews.

Can I reuse Kohinoor pink condoms?

No, Kohinoor small size condom is for single use only. Reusing a condom would simply result in its reduced efficiency. If you use an already used condom, then there is an increased chance of its breakage, leakage or slippage.

Kohinoor pink condom - Infographic

Check out the infographic about Kohinoor pink condom which details the price and the reviews for the product.

Kohinoor pink condom - Infographic

Kohinoor Pink Condoms - Video:

Check out the video on Kohinoor Pink Condoms!

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