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Kamasutra Longlast Spray Pack of 2 - 10g Each - Extended Pleasure for 10 minutes

Kamasutra Longlast Spray Pack of 2 - 10g Each - Extended Pleasure for 10 minutes

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The time of delay spray that is mentioned in the product title is an average estimation. The delay time of the ejaculation may vary depending upon the individual body conditions.

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Kamasutra longlast spray - last longer in bed. Spice up your lovemaking like never before as you can last long and strong with this Kamasutra Longlast spray online in India.

Kamasutra longlast spray

Kamasutra longlast spray is mainly used by couples who want to delay the climax during physical intimacy. Usually, this prolonged intimacy is achieved by using a Kamasutra Longlast spray. However, there are also condoms like Climax delay or extra time or long last condoms that are used for this purpose and it contains a special climax delay lubricant, usually 5% Benzocaine or Lidocaine. This long last spray or lubricant accords the couples to last longer in the bed and delays the ejaculation during the intercourse. Lasting longer in bed is no more a coup. Lasting longer has become a piece of cake with this Kamasutra long last spray available online in India. Buy Kamasutra Longlast spray online for long lasting pleasures!

Kamasutra Longlast Spray – Product Information

Brand Kamasutra
Description Long last spray for extended pleasure
Type Spray
Ingredients 5% Lidocaine
Colour Transparent
Quantity 2 bottles
Price Rs.400
Usage As per requirement

Kamasutra Longlast Spray - Audio

Audio Description for Kamasutra Longlast Spray.

For those who wish to not use a condom, but still want to extend their pleasure for an unusual amount of lovemaking, Kamasutra long last spray is the answer. Kamasutra longlast spray is preferred by couples who want nothing between them(condoms), yet want to last longer in the bed. Kamasutra long last spray is specially formulated to improve and extend the period of lovemaking. Kamasutra longlast spray also offers smooth lubrication, allowing you and your partner to experience an uplifting and romping sexual encounter. The long last spray will help you to go on and on for hours, extending and skyrocketing the pleasure graph for both the partners. Buy Ks long last spray today!

Kamasutra Longlast spray Ingredients

Kamasutra long last spray is specially formulated so that everybody can use. All the ingredients used in long last spray are body friendly. The list of ingredients in Kamasutra longlast spray is: Lidocaine USP 1.0 g, Topical Aerosol USP 10% w/w, Inert solvents & Propellent q.sto 10 g. Each metered dose deliver Lidocaine 10% w/w.


Kamasutra long last spray is Flammable, Pressurized container.

  • Keep away from heat & sunlight.
  • Don't expose to temperature exceeding 50 C. 
  • Don't pierce or burn the container even when apparently empty.
  • Don't spray on a naked flame or incandescent material.
  • Don't spray near eyes or face.
  • Avoid direct inhalation.
  • Harmful if taken internally.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.

How to use Kamasutra LongLast Spray?

Kamasutra Long last spray is very easy and simple to use.

1. Always remember to shake the container well before using.
2. Keep the can at a distance of 5-6 cm and spray is 3 – 4 times.
3. Repeat the process until the entire area is covered fully with the lubricant.

What is the Kamasutra LongLast Spray price?

The Kamasutra Longlast spray price online is very affordable Rs. 400 for a pack of 2 cans. Literally, it is Rs.200 for a single can of Kamasutra Long last spray.

Where to purchase Kamasutra longlast spray?

KS long last spray can be purchased from all the medical shops across India. However, it seems stigmatic for anyone to freely purchase these kinds of products in front of everyone. Despite selling the products, even the shopkeeper might have reservations for displaying all these kind of kinds of stuff in his physical store. To avoid all these apprehensive situations, one can easily purchase this Kamasutra spray with 100% assured privacy from our online portal.

Kamasutra longlast spray review

Many of the customers who bought this Kamasutra spray have rated it 5 stars and have also left a positive comment about Kamasutra long last spray. Some of them are “good product”, “best lubricant” and “Good experience”. To read more such comments and reviews, visit the product page on shycart of Kamasutra Longlast spray. 

Ks Long last spray - Infographic

Check out the infographic about Ks Long last spray which details the price and the reviews for the product.

Ks Long last spray - Infographic

Ks Long last spray - Video:

Check out the video about Ks Long last spray!

Questions about this product

Penis normal conditions or temper conditions .apply?
Asked on 25-Apr-2019
It should be sprayed when the penis is erect.
Answered on 06-May-2019
How much time to apply this gel
Asked on 17-Mar-2019
It needs to be sprayed on the genital when it is erect. It does not take much time to spray it.
Answered on 18-Mar-2019
After spary can i wipe it before intercorse?
Asked on 18-Feb-2019
You can wipe once you feel the numbing sensation.
Answered on 19-Feb-2019
Where to apply whole penis or the tip of penis
Asked on 11-Jan-2019
The whole of penis. In specific, Spray where you feel more sensation.
Answered on 12-Jan-2019
Is it safe for oral Sex?
Asked on 03-Jan-2019
Nope. Not advisable.
Answered on 08-Jan-2019
At what time before intercourse it is used
Asked on 01-Jan-2019
After good erection, it has to be applied.
Answered on 02-Jan-2019

Kamasutra Longlast Spray Pack of 2 - 10g Each - Extended Pleasure for 10 minutes - Reviews

4.9 / 5





Good service
Very good delivery. products are also latest manufacturing dates.
Good experience
Good product by kamasutra and good service by shycart -
They sell genuine products and can also have you secrecy maintained as per your request,
Awesome Experience

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