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Kamasutra Longlast Spray Pack of 2 - 10g Each - Extended Pleasure for 10 minutes

Kamasutra Longlast Spray Pack of 2 - 10g Each - Extended Pleasure for 10 minutes

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Kamasutra long last spray - last longer in bed. Spice up your lovemaking like never before as you can last long and strong with this Kamasutra longlast spray online in India.

Buy Kamasutra longlast spray Online

Kamasutra longlast spray is a sexual wellness product and it is a top brand in India from 1991. Kamasutra is known for its exotic sprays, condoms and other products. Kamasutra longlast spray is famous and popular among young men and women in India. KS longlast spray provides intimacy for an extended period of time. Buy Kamasutra longlast spray online which helps men to act for a longer duration and experience extended intimacy with their partner.

Kamasutra longlast spray is one of the top selling sprays in Indian sexual wellness industry. The spray helps the men who are suffering from premature ejaculation. It is a powerful and amazing spray that assists men to prolong their sex time and helps them with erectile dysfunction. By using KS delay spray, men can enjoy their sex in bed. Kamasutra spray is a best spray for long lasting in bed in India. Because it is designed in such a way to be a skin-friendly spray that desensitize the tip of the penis. KS delay spray allows the user to enjoy sex with extended intimacy, and can have sex with longer duration than the normal.

Best Long last Spray in India

Kamasutra longlast spray needs to be used 10 minutes before the sex. Spray it over the tip of the organ and wait until the skin absorbs it.  Now your organ is ready to have sex. Go on and on and on with your partner and give her sensational and mind blowing experience that is 5 times intense which she has not experienced it before under normal circumstances.

According to statistics or user experience reviews, many men have reported that, by using Kamasutra delay spray they have experienced and enjoyed 5 times longer than their usual ejaculation time. Kamasutra Long Last spray increases pleasure in bed with your partner. Lasting longer has become a piece of cake with Kamasutra long last spray available online in India. Buy Kamasutra long last spray online for long lasting experience!

Kamasutra Longlast Spray – Product Information

Brand Kamasutra
Description Long last spray for extended pleasure
Type Delay Spray
Ingredients 5% Lidocaine
Colour Transparent
Quantity 2 bottles (10g x 2)
Price Rs. 390
Usage As per requirement

Kamasutra Longlast Spray - Audio

Audio Description for Kamasutra Longlast Spray.

Benefits of Kamasutra Long Last Spray

Kamasutra Long Last Spray must be sprayed 10 minutes before the intercourse. shycart has listed down few benefits of Kamasutra long last spray:

  1. User’s penis is kept active and erect for a longer duration of time.
  2. Prolonged penetration and men can regain their lost confidence.
  3. Helps men to provide multiple orgasms to their partners.
  4. Delay spray sizzles up the love making time as both the partners are able to enjoy a longer time in bed.
  5. Satisfies their sexual appetite.
  6. Designed mainly to enhance and prolong their love making.

How to use Kamasutra Long Last Spray?

After buying Kamasutra long last spray from shycart, follow the instructions mentioned below to have last longer and better stamina in bed.

Step1: Spray

Shake the Kamasutra spray container well before use. shycart recommends 1 to 3 sprays that cover the tip of the penis. Alternatively, you can spray the Kamasutra delay spray in your hand and rub it over your penis head or tip with your hand.

To get best results, use KS delay spray at least 10 minutes before your penetrative sex. Use the spray when your penis is flaccid or erect. Spray it at a distance of 30cm away from your penis. If you spray it too close, your penis may sting. If you spray it too far away, it will become ineffective.

Step 2 – Rub

After spraying it in your penis, rub the spray in circular motions on your penis, like the head and shaft. Rub it in your skin until it gets absorbed. Wait for 10 to 15 minutes for the foreplay.

Step 3 – Do your intercourse

Kamasutra long last spray is non-transferrable. The spray will pass on to your partner until it comes in contact with their mouth. To be last longer in bed, keep your mind free from stress, so that KS delay spray will work better. Avoid over spraying because it may lead to harmful effects. If you are over spraying it regularly, it may permanently damage your organ or results in numbness for a prolonged period.

Step 4 – Wash

Wash off your organ thoroughly with warm water or wipe it out with a wet cloth after sex. If you are using Kamasutra longlast spray for first time, make sure you apply only a small amount first. Change the dosage bit by bit. Climax delay spray crown as the best delay spray for men.

Kamasutra longlast spray price

Kamasutra longlast spray price is Rs.390 for a pack of 2 cans. Literally, it is Rs.195 for a single can of Kamasutra delay spray.

Advantages of KS Delay Spray for Men

  1. KS delay spray can provide extended penetration time which lead to greater sexual pleasure.
  2. Safe to be used for all type of skins.
  3. It is tasteless and odorless. So, during oral sex your partner may not notice whether you have applied climax delay spray or not.      
  4. Used by men who have premature ejaculation issue. KS longlast spray may definitely delay their ejaculation time and enjoy a satisfying sex.
  5. Provides mind blowing experience for your partner.
  6. It is a safe and tested product with proven results.
  7. Saves couples life from break-ups, and divorces due to dissatisfaction in their sexual life.

Precautions to be followed using Kamasutra Long Last Spray

Kamasutra Long Last Spray can be used regularly but do not overspray it. Over spraying on your penis may cause numbness.

shycart advises not to use KS delay spray if you are suffering from impaired cardiac condition or liver damage.

If you are suffering from any chronic illness, then it is advisable to consult a physician before using KS delay spray.

It is not advisable to use Kamasutra delay spray when your partner is pregnant.

Directions for Use of Kamasutra Long Last Spray

First of all, do a skin test before directly spraying it on the penis. A single spray on the erected penis is enough for intercourse. Wait for at least 10 to 15 minutes for the spray to absorb in the skin.

Where to buy Kamasutra long last spray for men?

Some of the men feel extremely shy and uncomfortable to buy Kamasutra long last spray from a medical store. Here comes shycart.com which is an online shopping portal that comes as a savior for those who feel shy to buy KS delay spray. Buy Kamasutra last long spray online from shycart.com. You can choose from its huge collection of longlast spray or buy Kamasutra Long Last spray pack of 2.

To avoid unnecessary embarrassment, buy sexual wellness products from shycart. shycart delivers the product to your doorstep.shycart.com provides discreet packing, fast delivery and secure payment options like credit/debit card, pay on delivery and net banking.

Kamasutra longlast spray review

Many of the customers who bought this Kamasutra spray have rated it 5 stars and have also left a positive comment about Kamasutra long last spray. Below is the list of our customer's reviews about Kamasutra longlast spray.

Customer from Chennai: Product was good and packing was good and discreet. Products are also the latest manufacturing dates.

Customer from Mumbai: Highly satisfied with this product. Apply this delay spray before 30 minutes, you will get good results.

Customer from New Delhi: Amazing product. Ks long last spray is helpful for long time intercourse.

Customer from Bangalore: Great work guys, Self pleasurable items should be more and cheap, it is next big thing as per Indian consumers. Focus on it will make you more attractive, just remember - Cheap and Variety of items.

Customer from Pune: Excellent product. No side effects! 100% safe during sexual intercourse or after sex. Ks delay spray is best for long time sex. Thanks

To read more such comments and reviews, visit the product page on shycart of Kamasutra longlast spray.

Ks Long last spray - Infographic

Check out the infographic about Ks Long last spray which details the price and the reviews for the product.

Ks Long last spray - Infographic

Ks Long last spray - Video:

Check out the video about Ks Long last spray!

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