Is aids a really threat to the nation?

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Is aids a really threat to the nation?

AIDS is a global security threat.

In India, the first case of HIV/AIDS was reported in India in Tamil Nadu in 1986. Today, the United Nation report tells us that India has an HIV/AIDS population of approximately 1.4-1.6 million people.

Feminization of HIV/AIDS

India’s women seem to be more vulnerable to HIV/ AIDS. Findings conclude that 38% of the infected persons in India are women. And these women put on a threat many a children’s lives- HIV positive mothers will unknowingly pass the virus on to their children.

Aids- Threat to the nation

The youth of India is not far behind. The younger generation is always under the scanner  considering it’s them who is going to be a nation tomorrow. Given that, it’s disheartening to know that over 35% of AIDS cases reported are below 25 years of age and 50% of new infections are between 15 and 24 years old.  

AIDS is eating up young men and women, and is making rural India its permanent victim. To call it a threat is an underestimation.

Good News

Beyond all the alarming data, there is also good news in hand. Thanks to its extensive anti-AIDS campaign, India now shows  a 50% decline in the number of new HIV infections in the last 10 years in India. The UN has also praised India  for contributing to AIDS response most effectively through manufacture of generic antiretroviral drugs.

Seems like this might give India a chance in achieving the Millennium Development Goal of halting and reversing the AIDS epidemic by 2015.

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Modified on 03 Jan, 2017

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