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Health effects of using soaps on the genitals

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Health effects of using soaps on the genitals

Soaps an integral part of our everyday routine.

Fresh, clean, odourless, toxin-free body and a tensionless, beautiful mind are the rewards of a daily shower. The whole body longs for the daily splash of water for active and perfect functioning. The most needed ingredients for a good body shower are water and soap, mostly. That something-missing feeling occupies our mind if we do not use soap even for a single day.

But your private parts deserve more than a soap.

It is alright to use a bar of soap for the entire body but don't you think your private part deserves a better product with different composition? It is undesirable and good to avoid using soap on the genitals.

The vagina is acidic in nature and unlike the other parts of the body, it has a different pH level ranging between 4.5 to 5. The female genital is said to have a substantial combination of good and bad bacteria. The essential good bacteria is responsible for balancing the inherent nature of the female genitals. Regular use of soap alters the acidic characteristics that cause vaginal dryness which in turn opens a gateway for a series of infections due to yeast, (bad) bacteria,etc.,

The microscopic sebaceous gland under the skin secretes a waxy matter called sebum, that prevents the skin from drying out on using a soap. Since the natural sebum is absent in the vaginal opening the chemicals in the soap makes the skin dry leading to unhealthy infections, inflammations and irritations.

What should we use?

Taking all the above-discussed issues into account, the best possible product to substitute soap must be natural, mild, soap-free and pH balancing.

Everteen Natural Intimate Wash, a 100% natural product, promises to fulfil all the above requirements.

Everteen Feminine Natural Intimate Wash

Everteen Feminine Natural Intimate Wash is completely free from chemicals and made of herbal products that not only wash but also tones the vaginal skin. The intimate wash is thick, bright yellow coloured substance, formulated to balance the vaginal pH level, that takes care of all the cleansing. The ingredients are antimicrobial in nature that guarantees ultimate vaginal hygiene by preventing bacterial infections.

Approved by the FDA of India, this product is free from soap, SLS, SLES. The following are the reasons that make this intimate cleanser best for feminine hygiene.

The Everteen Feminine Natural Intimate Wash is a multi-functional product, since it is moisturizing, cleansing and protecting from infections.

Skin-friendly, suitable for use on all types of skin.

Acts as an antibacterial and anti-fungal agent.

Keeps the female genitalia free from unpleasant odours, itching, irritation and inflammation.

The product is available in a see-through plastic bottle with a special spill-proof cap.


Everteen natural intimate wash

Intimate wash-How to use?

Take a drop or two of the intimate wash in your clean hands, and apply it the on the wet vaginal area. On its contact with water, the product foams well and gives you a mild pleasant odour and a perfect clean feeling. Rinse it completely after the wash. Suggested to be used twice a day during the shower and before going to bed. During menstrual periods washing the vagina with plain or warm water first and then using the intimate wash keeps the female organ clean, odourless, healthy and hygienic.

INWI Intimate Wipes

By the way, there is another interesting and very needy product for a better feminine intimate care, the INWI Intimate Wipes.

Truly designed for good personal protection on the intimate areas like breasts, underarms, and the female organ. Free from alcohol, balancing pH level and pleasant & mild fruit flavours make the wipes the best feminine care product.

Hypoallergenic and helps you to stay clean, fresh, fragrant and cool all day long.

Use the wipes from front to back. Dispose of it carefully after every single use.

Worthy to use regularly, best valued during menstruation, good and easy to carry.



Aqua, Glycerin- 0.50%, Surfactants-0.15%
Sodium Benzoate -0.20%, EDTA-0.20%
Citric Acid, Perfume & Fruit Extracts

Alternatively, you can try using Clean and Dry Cream which is an Intimate hygiene cream that helps in maintaining intimate hygiene conveniently. You can also consider using Clean and Dry powder as they can be effective in maintaining regular hygiene.

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Modified on 07 Aug, 2019

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