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Extra Lubricated Condoms in India

For those who are not aware of extra lubricated condoms, they come with at least double the amount of lubrication than the regular lubricated condoms. With more lubrication, you can experience a highly sensual encounter and you will be able to move comfortably in and out. When there is more lubrication in between the couple, their love making night will be more comfortable and memorable.

Buy Extra Lubricated Condom online

Buy extra lubricated condoms online on shycart for a satisfying sexual experience. Each condom is lubricated with a gentle non-spermicidal lubricant which provides one an additional comfort level. Check out for lubricated and extra lubricated condoms online and buy the best condoms that suit your needs. Check our condom price, size, reviews and specifications. shycart assures 100% privacy and discreet packaging.

Extra lube condoms for smooth and easy sex

When the is no natural secretion, sex becomes dry and painful. With the use of lubricated condoms, the is no place for dry sex. Extra lube condoms come with more lubrication that helps in a smooth and comfortable sexual encounter. The extra lubricant lets you both enjoy the easy and effortless to and fro movement.

When to use Extra Lubricated Condoms?

When there is less natural wetness, sex might not be comfortable. It might be painful for some females. Also, there are chances for condom breakage when there is no lubrication during sex. Try the lubricated and extra lubricated condoms to add enough lubrication between you and your partner. They are specially designed for heightens sensitivity and comfortable sexual encounters. Make your love making sessions more enjoyable with extra lube condoms online.

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