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Do fertility lubricants work?

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When personal lubricants were initially developed, they were mainly designed to provide additional lubrication during sexual activities. They contained a spermicide which is not helpful to get pregnant. Though most lubricants don't contain spermicide anymore, they contain some ingredients like parabens, silicone, N-9 that can affect sperm motility. Some vaginal lubricants can also affect sperm viability and survival. 

What are fertility friendly lubricants?

Fertility friendly lubricants help in conception. They mimic fertile cervical fluids to support the sperms to swiftly reach the eggs during the ovulation period. They help in increasing the motility of sperm thereby increasing the chances of pregnancy. Fertility friendly lubricants are PH balanced and isotonic to match the vaginal fluids making them safe to use. 

Many women who are trying to conceive should know that using the right fertility friendly lubricant is the key to end in success. Using a sperm friendly fertility lubricant acts as natural vaginal mucus helps in the process of conception. They enhance your comfort during intercourse and provide a safe and effective environment for the sperm movement. Buy lube safe for fertility on shycart and know more about how fertility-friendly lubricants help in conception.


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Modified on 11 Feb, 2021

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