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Digital ovulation test kits versus card based ovulation test kits.

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Digital ovulation test kits versus card based ovulation test kits.


The comparison between card based ovulation test kits and digital ovulation thermometer is based on the following attributes


The accuracy of the card-based ovulation test kit is 99% while the digital thermometer has an accuracy of 99.99%


The card-based LH kit's price starts at Rs.380. The digital ovulation kit starts at Rs.1300

Ease of use

The digital thermometer has to be recorded on a daily basis and measured for the increase in temperature during the ovulation time. The card-based ovulation test kit will give immediate and instant results.


For women having irregular periods, the digital ovulation test kit will be a boon since the rise in temperature might vary. Also, it can be used for a lifetime. Card-based tests are effective for women who have regular periods. You can choose an ovulation detection product according to your preferences and regularity of monthly cycles. Make sure that you always check whether you have conceived or not once you buy urine pregnancy test kit.  

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Modified on 16 Oct, 2019

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