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Best lubricant for first time sex

Best lubricant for first time sex

An advice to all those first timers! Use lubricants. Lubricants will ease out the pain and make sex for the first time memorable.


Personal lubricants, AKA lubes, are particular lubricants used for sexual acts, for example, intercourse and masturbation, to ease friction between the penis and vagina, rear-end, or other body parts, or connected to sex toys to diminish grinding or simplicity in infiltration. Using lubes for first time sex is the best way to enjoy pain-free and friction-free intercourse. Also for women who experience vaginal dryness, sex lubes can help to maintain lubrication in the intimate areas. Personal lubricants are available in different types like oil based lubes, water based lubes and silicone based lubes. Before buying one, it is good to know about the pros and cons of each type of lube so that based on your need you can buy lube for first time sex online.  

We saw what a lubricant is and how it can help in the act of lovemaking. Before you buy sex lubes, do check out our picks of the best lubricant for first-time sex we first need to know the types of lubricants and after that, we can come to an idea which will be the best and most suited lubricant for first-time sex.

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Types of Lubricants


Water-based lubricants are water-solvent and are the most broadly utilized personal lubricants. The most punctual water-based oils were cellulose ether or glycerin arrangements. Items accessible today may have different specialists included for even dispersal, dampness maintenance, and imperviousness to pollution. The consistency of these items can be modified by changing their water substance and convergence of cellulose or another gel-framing hydrophilic fixing. Since water-based personal lubricants ingest into the skin and vanish, most water-based lubricants tend to dry out amid utilization, yet reapplication of the oil or use of water or spit is generally adequate to reactivate them. At the point when the grease, in the end, dries out, it may abandon a buildup got from alternate fixings in the definition. This may oblige reapplication amid sex, and/or evacuation of the deposit with water. Some more up to date water-based lubricants are detailed with regular skin creams, for example, carrageenan, and may not leave a sticky buildup after vanishing.

Oil based:

Oil-based lubricants, for instance, petroleum-based oils, (for example, petroleum jam), can improve the probability of breakage and slip of latex condoms because of loss of versatility brought about by these lubricants. Oil might likewise make modest gaps in the latex. Oil-based lubricants may be viewed as alluring for individuals who are seeing someone not obliging condom utilization and who wish to keep away from specific added substances and additives frequently found in different lubricants.

Silicone Based:

Silicone-based lubricants are normally detailed with less than four fixings and don't contain any water. Silicone lubricants offer an alternate vibe from water-based individual lubricants. Silicone-based lubricants are not consumed by skin or bodily fluid layers and thus last more than water-based oils. A wide range of silicone lubricants is economically accessible with differing quality and execution. Not all silicone-based oils are confirmed latex-safe, however, silicone-based lubricants have not been demonstrated to build the danger of HIV transmission amid butt-centric intercourse, as some water-based lubes have.

Silicone-based lubricants are not typically suggested for utilization with sex toys or different items that are produced using silicone in light of the fact that the recipe may break down the surface making it sticky to the touch, and reason deterioration of the thing after some time. This harm may make a rearing ground for microorganisms. As a rule, a notice is recorded on the item mark. Silicone-based lubricants are additionally utilized as a part of the production of pre-lubricated up condoms, because of its durable properties and prevalent latex similarity.

The conclusion:

After going through the types of lubricants the research team has found Water based lubricant is the best-suited lubricant for first-time sex. As mentioned above the qualities of water based lubes and its features are most fit for first-time sex. Being water based they are very comfortable and popular among the first timers. They are very easy to use and wash off as well. There are flavoured lubes as well which are super useful for people trying to explore the oral pleasures.

The list of some of the popular waterbased lubricants are


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Moods Warm Lubes


K-Y jelly


Durex Sweet Strawberry


Durex Tingle Gel


and a lot of popular international brands are available in the market. Click to buy Water based lubes

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Modified on 27 Jul, 2022

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