All you need to know about breast cancer

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All you need to know about breast cancer


All you need to know about Breast cancer

 Breast cancer is the second most standard factor of death from cancer in women. Many People get jitters even to say a word like Cancer. It occurs majorly in females after the age of forty. A breast of women is made of milk glands and ducts circumscribed by fat tissues. When the growth of cells would be uncontrolled or cells divide more quickly rather than normal cells, it causes breast cancer.

 What leads to breast cancer?

Survey states that genetics is one of the main factors. If a woman's relatives such as mother or sister had the disease, it can increase the chance of breast cancer. Other than that, radiation treatment should be taken for chest before the age of 30. Alcohol consumption, smoking, obesity, women who had not yet given birth to child, given birth to the first child after the age of 30 and girls who start their menstruation at an early age of twelve contributing the risk of breast cancer.

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 Signs and Symptoms

Patient can sense the symptoms and if you just approach the doctor as soon as possible. The earlier form of cancer can be diagnosed by a technique called mammogram. Doctors recommended that every woman should undergo a mammogram after the age of 30 and can be treated at ease, earlier before it spreads all over the body. A lump in breast is the first symptoms of breast cancer. Rashes around the nipples, swelling, an area of thickened tissue in the breast, discharging blood from one of the nipples are the other symptoms of the breast cancer.


Do men also develop breast cancer?

Yes, But there is a low probability of getting disease compared to the females. It develops in men after the age of sixtees. Symptoms are more similar to women such as appearance of lump in breast, nipple retraction, discharge of fluid from the nipple.

Are teenage girls also prone to breast cancer?

Cancer is uncommon in girls and certain breast cancer usually affects the women. If girls feel any hard lump near your breast or facing changes in shape and size, please tell your parents immediately and eventually meet your doctor and check-up regularly every month.

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Modified on 24 Jul, 2019

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