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Best delay spray in india

Premature ejaculation is the most common problem faced by men during intercourse which reduces the pleasure in love-making nights. There are several treatments to cure this and delay spray is one among them. Using delay spray is considered the safest option to treat premature ejaculation. Apply delay spray directly to the targeted area and wait for a required amount of time for the product to work. Buy best delay spray in India and follow the instructions provided to achieve the desired results.

Best Delay Sprays in India

Here are the top 3 delay sprays that are used by most couples to enjoy longer love-making sessions.

Buy best delay sprays online

Manforce Staylong Gel 

Manforce staylong gel is a climax delay gel that provides extended pleasure during love making nights. It can be directly applied to the targeted area effectively to overcome the problem of premature ejaculation. Staylong gel is safe to use and has no side effects. Buy manforce staylong gel online on shycart at a price of Rs.200 for a pack of 2.

Kamasutra Longlast Spray

Kamasutra longlast spray is designed to prolong lovemaking and stay longer in bed. Used by couples to delay the climax during sexual intercourse. Kamasutra longlast spray is designed especially for men to treat premature ejaculation. It contains body-friendly ingredients and is safe and easy to use. Buy kamasutra spray online at a price of Rs. 390 for a pack of 2.

Stud 5000 Delay Spray for Men

Stud 5000 Delay spray is specially developed to be used by men to delay ejaculation and enjoy a satisfying experience. Used by most couples to prolong lovemaking and enjoy extended pleasures during physical intimacy. Contains skin-friendly ingredients that are safe to use by most men. Stud 5000 spray price is Rs 175 and is available online on shycart with 100% privacy.

There are also other delay sprays like stud 1000 delay spray for men, steylong spray for men, bathmate control prolong gel, naskick delay spray for men and invigra delay spray. All the delay sprays are manufactured by top delay spray companies and work best for men to last longer in bed and treat premature ejaculation. Check out different brands and buy best delay spray that works effectively for you.


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Modified on 13 Feb, 2023

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