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Why women should go for stockings?

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Why women should go for stockings?

What is stocking? 

Stocking, a close-fitting undergarment falls into the category of lingerie covering from thigh to foot. It makes you feel feminine and very sexy that can be usually worn with garter and garter belt. Probably it is mostly worn by professional women under skirts and women for those in fashion and aesthetics. It is also preferred as pantyhose, comes with different colour, design and transparency usually made from nylon or Lycra. Moreover some elegant stockings are greatly contributing to sex appealing and perfect at the times of sexual intercourse.


Why do women wear stockings?

Women used to like Wear stockings for number of reasons. It helps them to keep their legs warm in winter seasons suppose if they wearing skirts, in order to avoid their legs from frozen. On the other hand, it gives more professional looking and elevates their self-esteem in office. Plus it can screw up your partner for intending love-making. It also makes you keep cleaner because some pantyhose provide ventilation in the crotch area, in order to reduction of bacteria growth. Some girls wear it to hide the hair on the legs.

Difference between stockings and tights?

When it comes to the Tights and stockings, people thinks that both are similar but actually they are totally different in terms of pattern and transparency. Tights are longer and covered from waist to feet similar to pants. It is little transparent and thicker than stockings.


It can gradually increase sweat in the curvy area since it feels warm and humid environment, resulting in developing bacterial growth, irritation and uncomfortable around crotch surroundings.

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Modified on 25 Jul, 2019

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Very informative and most beautiful women wearing .
about 11 months ago
Very informative and most beautiful women wearing .
about 11 months ago
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