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Why moods natural lubes sells the most?

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Why moods natural lubes sells the most?

Moods - a brief introduction

Moods - the popular brand for condoms promoted by the Government of India initially in the 1960s for the "small family happy family" campaign. The project was undertaken by HLL Lifecare Limited (HLL), Kerala, to manufacture condoms in support of National Family Planning Programme.
Subsequent business units were operated at Trivandrum and Belgaum in association with industries of Japan. The Middle East is a major importer of the Moods condoms. This brand, known for its quality and reputation, reached the international markets in no time.
The logo of the brand OO signifies the bonding between couples. The company has slowly extended its territory by featuring products like lubes, contraceptive pills, vibrating rings etc., Moodsplanet, is an exclusive retail shop for all the products of the famous brand Moods.

The next big step-Lube

On the success of Moods condoms, a contraceptive, the next important product in the play. So buy personal lubricant online in India or body glides that acts as a catalyst in enhancing the sexual pleasure when applied in the genital areas of both the partners to substitute or to increase the natural moisture by the genetic fluids. Three differently composed lubes Warm, Cool and Natural to cater to the different sectors are available in the market.

Moods Natural lubes - The Bestseller

Not only preferred for its brand value for decades, but the product itself is an out-of-the-ordinary one when you buy lubes from Moods. It is neither cool nor warm, its taste, feel and the odour is neutral. No scary, unhealthy and unnecessary chemicals for added flavour. Non-sticky and non-greasy, simply does its job by adding moisture and lubricating the private parts, hence good to feel the touch. Thus, this product is mild on all the senses and most of all do not get you off the mood by its scent or taste or texture.
It is a water-soluble lubricant, hypoallergenic and it leaves no stain on the skin and it is easy to clean off. Water-soluble lubes are the most widely used personal lubricants for, water is the universal solvent, is the best-known solution which is safe on skin. Water gets easily absorbed by the skin and dries out due to evaporation. Lubricants with water as the base ingredient can be reapplied by simply rubbing water or saliva on the area. Oil or water-based lubes may leave a chemical residue on the skin which is to be cleaned immediately, but Moods natural is effective on the skin and does not require to clean after use.
Effective in every way, this natural lube initiates the spark in lovemaking and the fire is sustained throughout. Increases your intimacy with all the goodness of nature. Safe to be used with condoms since it is water-based. It is made of valuable herbal extracts. The other ingredients added to achieve the desired consistency are Glycerine - best used as a moisturizer to prevent the skin from dryness, Hydroxyl Ethyl Cellulose- a water-soluble polymer to prepare solutions with the desired viscosities, Propyl Paraben- a natural substance found in many plants and in some insects and used in cosmetics, Methylparaben commonly used preservatives in cosmetics, Citric acid - to adjust the pH of skincare products and Deionized water.
You are "on" with Moods Natural Lubes.
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Modified on 27 Jun, 2020

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Moods natural lubes - 60 ml

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