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Vagiwell Silicone Dilator set - 5 different sizes

Vagiwell Silicone Dilator set - 5 different sizes

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Are you looking for a good and effective solution to treat vaginismus, at home? Look out for this great product - Silicone vaginal dilators, recommended by doctors widely across the globe. Silicone dilators, made of 100% medical grade silicone are highly safe to your skin while effectively helping to get you out of vaginismus.

Buy Silicone Dilators online in India

Vagiwell Silicone Vaginal Dilator is the best solution to overcome vaginismus and perfect for women who are experiencing pain during intercourse. Silicone dilators online in India is known for its ability to completely mitigate the vaginismus if and only if the direction and instruction followed correctly. Women can now easily overcome the problem of pain during intercourse and can be in their process of recovery. Most of the physical therapy are not economically firendly and most importantly physical therapy will cause certain stigma as it involves intimate part.

In order to get on course of using the best silicone dilator in India, a woman should start from the smallest silicone vaginal dilator size which can inside the vagina without causing any strain. Woman should then carefully increasing the size of the silicone dilator into her vagina and over the course she should the increase size of the vagiwell silicone dilator one at a time. Patience is the key to use this silicone dilator in order to overcome the vaginismus and pain during intercourse. So it is highly recommended to slow increase the size of silicone dilator so that she can effectively increase vaginal capacity. The ultimate aim of the silicone dilator is to “dilate” (widen and lengthen) the vagina by expanding the internal vaginal muscles. Dilation of this best silicone dilator will facilitate the penetration during intercourse which will not only make it easier but also makes the intercourse much more pleasurable. So Vagiwell vaginal dilator is the best and only option to dilate the vagina to a more comfortable shape and length. Buy Silicone Dilators online to effectively reduce Vaginismus.

Vagiwell silicone dilators Online

Vagiwell soft silicone vaginal dilators are specially developed for women who want to practice vaginal stretching at home by themselves. For women who experience pain during sexual intercourse, using vagiwell silicone dilators is the best effective way to achieve vaginal elasticity and pain-free intercourse. Women who want to practice personal dilation exercises at home can buy medical silicone dilators online in India to slowly condition their vaginal muscles and tissues. 

Features of silicone dilators

  • They do not have pores and moulded accordingly
  • Made of highly recommended Medical grade silicone
  • Suits the skin perfectly with 0% harm
  • Offers Best possible flexibility
  • Silicone, in general , is a soft material and hence gets in smoothly
  • Helps in healing / treating with pain in the range of mild to severe
  • Gets adapted to the body temperature.
  • Can be sterlized easily.
  • Has a great life

Conditions that can be cured through silicone vaginal dilators

  • Vaginismus
  • Vaginal Agenesis
  • Vaginal Atrophy
  • Vaginal Stenosis
  • Pelvic Radiation Therapy
  • Dyspareunia
  • Pudendal Neuralgia

How do silicone dilators work?

The purpose of using silicone dilators in India is to slowly stretch vaginal muscles thereby opening vaginal canal and provide more space. Using silicone dilators as per the instructions results in a pain-free penetration during intercourse or inserting a tampon or gynecological exam.

How to use vagiwell dilators?

Buy silicone dilators online in India and read the instructions provided. Vagiwell silicone dilators set comes with soft silicone vaginal dilators in different sizes.

  1. Practice relaxation breathing and perform a set of pelvic floor warm-up exercises.

  2. The dilator is to be used in a relaxed sitting or lying position.

  3. Starting with the smallest size, insert the dilator into the vagina 

  4. Let it remain there for several minutes.

  5. Once you can insert one size comfortably without pain, it is time to move to the next size dilator.

  6. When you can insert the largest dilator without pain, you can attempt sexual intercourse.

  7. Consult a physician to know if you need to do this exercise daily.

Why vagiwell silicone dilators?

Vagiwell silicone dilators are made from high-quality medical-grade silicone. They have an extra smooth surface and are perfect for gentle stretching. Silicone dilators online are available in 3 different sets namely premium, large and small. The silicone dilators kit comes with different sizes of dilators to use. Starting from the smallest one can gradually increase the size and use as per the instructions to achieve the desired result.

Benefits of using silicone vaginal dilators

Silicone vaginal dilators are designed to treat vaginal tightening and pain due to different reasons. One can use vaginal dilators at home with complete comfort. Here are the benefits of using a silicone vaginal dilator set

  1. They have the extra smooth surface

  2. Soft and comfortable to use

  3. Quickly adapts to your body heat

  4. Feels very natural when used

  5. Easy to clean after use

Questions about this product

Vagiwell Silicone Dilator set - 5 different sizes - Reviews

5 / 5





It was great to have shopping over here
Very Impressive Results! -
This product is really amazing!!!.... Quality is excellent...Perfect sizes and amazing instructions... Following the instructions and gradually working my way up to comfortably using step by step, such as small to the largest silicone dilator. I was able to work my way up gradually from the 2nd (small level) to the 5th (large level) dilator. I seriously can not believe I can even use the 5th dilator safely! For just two weeks, I tried vaginal dilators, now I relaxed and had sex with my partner. More comfortable and very satisfying. I would recommend this product to all who have vaginismus problem. Thank you so much!
Excellent quality -
Excellent quality product with clear usage instructions. Easy to use. I'm happy with this product results...! Thanks to Shycart.

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