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Types of Condoms by material

Types of Condoms by material

Read this article and get yourself acquainted with the various materials in which condoms are made to find out the best one for you & buy condoms online with shycart and get the utmost pleasure of lovemaking.

The different types of condoms

Condoms are basically made from these materials — latex, lambskin, polyurethane, and polyisoprene.


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Latex condoms happen to be the most widely available as are the cheapest and very easy to manufacture. Latex condoms are manufactured by several brands, each offering a varied range of sizes, colours, textures, shapes and flavours. But this is not the case with other condom types.


Lambskin condoms are the oldest condoms made from the most natural and oldest material available at the market — the intestinal membrane of a lamb. While they do a fine job of protecting you against pregnancy, the small pores on the surface make lambskin condoms ineffective in protecting against viruses that cause STDs.


Polyurethane condoms are made from materials which are basically a type of plastic are preferred by those might have allergies to latex. As they aren't as elastic as latex condoms, it is possible that they easily slip off.


Polyisoprene condoms are the newest breakthrough in the condoms technology. While it is the ideal condom for people allergic to latex or polyurethane, polyisoprene condoms also have a soft natural feel that conforms to the skin similar to latex. 97% of the users claim that polyisoprene condoms (Kamasutra skyn condoms) are more comfortable than latex


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Or, you can continue here and we shall see in detail about these condom types.


Latex Condoms


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Latex is nothing but rubber and rubber is nothing but latex.


Latex is the mixture of some of the organic compounds known as caticifers which are produced by some plants within their special cells. The amount of composition will differ from plant to plant. Of all, the most natural rubber comes through a single species of tree, known as Hevea brasiliensis. Though native to South America, this H. brasiliensis is planted in large plantations in Asia and India is one of the top producers of it. The uniqueness of natural rubber lies in its physical properties of extensibility and toughness, summarized by its ability to be stretched repeatedly to seven or eight times its original length.



Lambskin condoms


 Lambskin Condoms


Lambskin condoms, as the name suggests, are made from Lambs – cut from their intestinal membrane and it supposedly has a more "natural" feel than latex condoms and polyurethane condoms. While they are good for preventing pregnancy but not STDs - because the lambskin material has tiny pores--though they are not large enough to allow the passage of sperm--it is not as effective as latex for prevention of viral STDs, like HIV and herpes. Hence, they should not be used as protection against these diseases.


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Polyurethane and Polyisoprene condoms


Polyurethane condoms - Online India


As some users started getting allergies from the usage of the above two condoms, the condom industry came up with Polyurethane and Polyisoprene condoms to keep off the allergies.


What are Polyisoprene condoms exactly?

Polyisoprene is simply the chemical name for the main constituent of natural rubber or latex. For condoms, polyisoprene is produced synthetically, pure and free from other compounds.

Who should try polyisoprene condoms?

-          Men with a latex allergy or latex sensitivity

-          Men whose partner might have a latex allergy or latex sensitivity

-          Anyone looking to try a different kind of condom


 Various types of Polyisoprene condoms

Many people, who don’t have any allergic reactions to latex, for various reasons, seek alternatives to standard latex condoms. The newly-developed Polyisoprene condoms acted as the alternative to natural latex. Polyisoprene is nothing other than a synthetic version of latex, and hence, it was able to exhibit many similar properties of latex condoms. It does not, though, contain the various allergenic proteins found in natural latex, and will, therefore, was looked upon as the saviour by those preferred in latex.


But even with the new polyisoprene condom creating raves on the market, as most people started to buy non-latex condom online due to their sheer performance, polyurethane may still be a great choice for lots of couples. When compared to latex condoms, polyurethane condoms are thinner and stronger and tend to have a less constricting fit. It is also proven that polyurethane condoms were able to transfer the body heat better, which increases the pleasure.


When you compare, you can see polyisoprene condoms seems much softer and stretchier, for a more natural feeling than polyurethane condoms. Most people claimed that the polyisoprene condoms feel better than regular latex as well. However, you'll have to experiment as a couple to find which material suits your groove the best. Right now polyisoprene condoms are being sold only by two brands – KamaSutra (SKYN condoms) and Durex (Avanti Bare), with only the KamaSutra being available in India.


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If you need more clarity on the subject you shall always refer to our blog written about it.


Polyisoprene condoms were FDA approved in November 2008 for the prevention of sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy. The polyisoprene material that is being used to make SKYN condoms is created in a laboratory and is specially treated to give it crosslinks -- these crosslinks allow the skyn condoms to stretch much more. This special treatment also helps the SHYN condoms to recover their original shape after being stretched. Compared to polyurethane condoms, SKYN condoms are:


-          Softer

-          More form fitting

-          A little thicker

-          Stretchier

-          More resistant to breakage

-          The Kamasutra SKYN condoms (non-latex condoms) cost way less than the polyurethane condoms (but they are costlier than latex condoms).


other Polyisoprene condoms

As already stated, since they are not made from latex, SKYN condoms act as a great alternative to the traditional latex condoms, if you or your partner have any allergies towards latex. Even people who can use latex condoms still prefer to buy SKYN condoms because they offer a unique sensation and increased sensitivity.


As per the statistical data shared by various experts, it can be understood that all of the four male condom types offer the same statistical effectiveness against pregnancy. Other factors that could figure into your choice might include your budget, availability, how they feel, willingness to experiment, and animal rights convictions. Have fun trying them out!


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Vegan condoms

It may be surprising for you to hear that the majority of condoms available in the market are produced using the animal product casein. One of the byproducts of dairy farming, casein, happens to be the principal protein in milk, and one well-known condom brands explain how it finds a place in condoms:


vegan condoms online


“To make condoms from raw latex, various processes are required, which in turn consist of several different steps. And one of the ‘helping hands’ during rubber-making is casein… As most manufacturers use it to make the rubber smooth and fine, most condoms cannot be called ‘vegan’ at all.”

So, almost all the latex condoms might contain Casein. While it hasn’t yet been established or reported by any of its users about any ill effects, if you happen to be vegan, then you should go with the condoms made from Polyisoprene, which contain no casein because they contain no latex. So, Kamasutra skyn condoms can also be considered as vegan condoms.


KamaSutra Skyn condoms



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Finally, a gentle reminder on how to use a condom:

• Ensure that the condom you are using is new for each act of sex.

• When you open the package, tear it very carefully. It is advisable not to use fingernails, teeth, or anything sharp that might damage the condom.

• Once the male genitalia is erect, place the condom on the tip with the rolled side out.

• Then unroll or pull the condom all the way to the base of your genitalia. If it doesn’t unroll smoothly, then it may be on backwards, damaged, or too old. You should immediately throw it away and start over with a new condom.

• Once you have ejaculated, just hold the rim of the condom in place and withdraw your genitalia from the condoms. You should do it, while it is still erect.

• Wrap it in tissue and dispose of it by throwing it into the trash. Ensure that you clean your hands thoroughly after that with soap and water.


To know, please visit our detailed article on how to use a condom.


You can read more about condoms through our blog articles for condoms and if you would like to read more, there is always our blog


So, go ahead and buy condoms online and celebrate the art of lovemaking.


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