Tightening vagina using vaginal tightening gels - possible?

Tightening vagina using vaginal tightening gels - possible?

The average size of female genital:

According to scientific studies, there is no average or the correct size of the vagina. In that context, it does not need to have a specific shape as it gets subjected to various situations like arousal and other activities. But, various surveys and studies have been conducted to find the average size. The ideal/average width is 4.8 to 6.3 cm

How does it become loose?

Naturally, the sex organ stays in a contracted state all the times. It can be compared to the mouth which always remains closed and when needed you can drag it to open as much as you can. When a woman gets aroused, the vaginal walls become loose naturally to accommodate the penis. Frequent intercourses generally do not affect it. When a woman gives birth to a child, it naturally becomes loose for a while. It contracts to its normal state in a certain amount of time. But, with age, women's levels of oestrogen start to decline and the walls of the genital become little more elastic and hence causing the muscles to become more elastic. Check out vaginal tightening gel price here.

How to check if the genital is tight?

A woman can check this herself at home. Inserts few fingers inside the vagina. Try to tighten to see how tightly it can be held. This can vary from person to person. But, it is more a psychological factor to see how tight it can hold the fingers. The result should be analysed on the grounds of grip and girth with which it is held. For couples, if willing, can be checked with the partner's genitalia instead of fingers.

Why does it need to be tight?

The tightness of the female genital is related directly to the satisfaction that couples get During intercourse. It may be more of a psychological factor for the couples, but, in general, tighter the better. Over tightness results in veganism’s, which is a rare case caused due to fear and anxiety of insertion by women. A tighter vagina doesn't really imply the health of it. But, if your partner is not convinced with the tightness/ pleasure, it is indeed a high point to note.

How can you tighten your vagina?

There are many vaginal tightening creams, gels and sprays out in the market like 18 again cream which does the job. But, do they really work? Yes, they do. But, with the reviews received, they alone don't do the job. Kegel exercises/ Pelvic floor muscle exercises can be done along with the application of these creams.  In short, the creams basically increase the blood flow inside the genitalia and hence it keeps the vaginal walls strong and healthy. This, in turn, keeps the internal muscles active. The kegel exercises did actually help a lot to supplement the application of the creams.

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