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Buy sanitary napkins online in India

Buy best sanitary pads online in India at low price. Menstruation is not a tabooed topic in India anymore. Even men are creating awareness of sanitary pads online. In recent years, an unusual surge in buying sanitary pads is recorded which means that most women in India are becoming more and more concerned about their menstrual hygiene. It is a good thing when every single woman is concerned about feminine hygiene especially during menstrual cycle. Each and everyone should consider buying period pads to maintain good menstrual hygiene. Sanitary pads online are of two types - one is for heavy menstrual flow and other is to use for light flow days. Buy best sanitary napkin to have better protection against leakage and for increased absorption which will absorb rapidly so that the skin feels comfortable and soft. Sanitary pads online are made of cotton and it doesn't contain chlorine-bleached components as ingredients. The cotton made sanitary pads online are protected a woman from rashes, menstrual cramps, bacterial infections and toxic shock syndrome. The best period pads online in India are suitable are for women with sensitive skin.

Sanitary napkin online in India comes with considerable long enough wings which will offer better adhesion onto underwear. Thus, preventing the chances of leakage of menstrual blood. Every single sanitary pad online is wrapped separately in order to make it easy to carry around in the purse. Sanitary napkins online at shycart are capable of giving complete protection for up to 8 hours without leaking. Most of the sanitary pads online are designed to be ultra slim to make it absolutely comfortable for women while wearing. There are also super absorbent pads which are ideal for heavy flow days. Sanitary pads online are extremely convenient and comfortable. Also, sanitary napkins online at shycart will eliminate all kinds of bad odours. In addition to these amazing features, sanitary pads are also categorized by size such as regular, large and extra-large so that one can choose suitable sanitary pads online and have a cramp-free period just like the normal days.

Highlights and Benefits of Sanitary Pads online

  • No Leakage
  • Real Comfort
  • Easy to use
  • Highly absorbent
  • Antibacterial Property
  • Made of cotton
  • No Chlorine
  • Biodegradable (Since it is made of cotton)
  • Secure and safe
  • Long-lasting protection
  • Maintains Good hygiene
  • No risk of Toxic shock syndrome

How to use Sanitary napkin bought online in India?

  • Peel off the release paper from the back of the cotton made sanitary pads.
  • Now Stick the fresh sanitary pads on to underwear and apply some pressure.
  • After pressing, again peel off release paper on the wings.
  • Fold those wings around the underwear and press firmly to apply some pressure.

Buy best Sanitary pads online in India that makes you dry, cool and comfortable.

How to choose the best sanitary pads online in India?

As all sanitary pads online are striving hard to give great protection and absorption capacity, choosing the perfect sanitary pads could be daunting sometimes. The following tips will help one to choose the best sanitary napkin. First and foremost thing to be remembered when choosing sanitary pads is the menstrual flow. So when one is aware of her flow she could easily choose the right sanitary napkins online. Next comes the comfort, it is important to know which pads will comfortable in terms of size. It is recommended to buy regular sized sanitary pads online for the first-timers. And if regular size seems to fill too quickly, then one could opt for super absorption pad of the same size. Most of the time menstrual flow isn't constant throughout the period. Hence, using the same sanitary pad throughout the day is not the best idea. So it is always suggested to buy sanitary pads of two different absorption capacity. One can take care of heavy flow days and the other can be used for lighter days. So, choosing the best sanitary pads will be a lot easier, if one understands her body and menstrual flow.

What is the sanitary napkin price in India?

Sanitary napkin price in India starts from Rs.38 only for 5 regular sanitary pads. Buy Sanitary pads online at shycart with 100% assured privacy.

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