Products needed for post pregnancy

Products needed for post pregnancy

Products needed for Post pregnancy:

It is a great thing and an astounding achievement after giving childbirth and feel like stepping into the next birth for every woman in the world. But, they have to face some complications such as heavy bloody discharge from the female genital part for more than 10 days and more than that, some physical body changes like gradual increase in the breast from the first half of pregnancy due to hormones and abdomen looks like the woman carries the baby even after five months of delivery since uterus takes some time to contract it. We at Shycart have a line of products that will suit the varied needs of post pregnancy days.

Breast Pumps:

Many women had experienced problems like breast milk production to be very slow if the child sucks less frequently. To overcome this, Breast Pumps, a device used to extract the milk from nursing mothers, will be stored in the bottle and will be fed to baby later. There are two types of breast pumps such as Manual and electric breast pump. However electric breast pumps are faster in terms of taking out milk than a manual breast pump. It is an ideal use for working mothers, who extract the milk, store enough in the container and feed to their child at very ease from time to time.

Disposable bra pads:

Disposable bra pads are specifically designed for nursing mothers who have problems with breast milk leakage and overflows that occur when their breast has plenty of milk. It helps to change the liquid into a gel as it is being possessed with absorb gel system. It is easy to use and helps out your nipples to be dry. It is comfortable and keeps your health fit as a fiddle. Check out here How to use?

Post Pregnancy abdomen belt:

It can be worn to tighten your abdomen muscles. It prevents extra bulging of the stomach after delivery. It helps you out to make good outfit anyway and available in ranges from small to XXL.Size chart for your reference.



















Nipple Formers:

Most of the children find it hard, difficult and uncomfortable to feed the milk due to the improper shape of breast and nipple. Nipple formers are mainly used to prepare your nipple for breastfeeding so that your baby can latch on better. It is soft, flexible and is facilitated with vented fronts to allow for air.

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Modified on 20 Jun, 2019

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