Pregnancy related diabetes

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Pregnancy related diabetes


Pregnancy related diabetes is known as gestational diabetes.

GestationalDiabetes is the condition in which a woman who is already diabetic exhibitshigh levels of blood glucose during pregnancy. Since it has very few symptoms,this diabetes which is associated with pregnancy, is usually found only at thetime of Screening. Screening is the process by which an unidentified diseasewith minimal symptoms is found out.

High risk

Having diagnosed of pregnancy related Diabetes, one needs totake extra care of the self as it becomes a high-risk pregnancy. The goal hereshould be to keep the blood glucose at safe levels throughout pregnancy.Learning to follow correct meal plans, supported by the right amount ofphysical activity would help achieve this. Specialized physicians can helpwomen with pregnancy related diabetes to chart out custom health plans. Thiswould help the diabetic to take care of the new-born and herself by combatingGestational Diabetes.

Vision problem
Pregnancy relateddiabetes is capable of causing some long-term side effects in the mother-to-be.In time, it can worsen other diabetic complications like kidney and heartdiseases, and vision problems. It also becomes a reason for innumerable childbirth defects. It increases the risk of child birth defects. Sometimes, thebaby is born early. And at other times, it ends up weighing low.

Do not Panic

However, though scary, yet women who have pregnancy relateddiabetes need not panic. High risk pregnancies do not always produce unhealthybabies. With proper care and attention, and support from the health team andloved ones, they can give birth to absolutely healthy babies. 

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Modified on 03 Jan, 2017

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