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Playgard more time super dotted strawberry flavored condom 3s X 3

Playgard more time super dotted strawberry flavored condom 3s X 3

Price: 75
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Have you ever wondered which is best aphrodisiac fruit associated with condoms flavour? Well, know it today. Yes, it is Strawberry! Back in the ancient days, Strawberry was the symbol of Venus, a Roman goddess of love, sex and beauty. So Playgard strawberry flavoured condoms are sure to make your lady go nuts for you. Buy Playgard strawberry flavoured super dotted more time condoms online at shycart with assured privacy and concealed packaging.

Playgard Strawberry flavoured - super dotted - more time condoms

Playgard strawberry flavoured - super dotted condoms have a uniquely fabricated raised dots on the outer surface of the condoms to enrich the excitement and stimulation exactly where one craves it. Dotted, extra dotted and super dotted are all variations of Playgard super dotted strawberry flavoured condoms. Playgard strawberry flavoured condoms in India are designed to have a rigid dot-like pattern or protrusion on its contour to enrich the stimulation for provocating pleasure during the physical intimacy. 

Obviously, Playgard strawberry flavoured more time - super dotted condoms are specially fabricated for enhanced pleasure and fun. Playgard super dotted condoms reportedly have 50% bigger dots than the regular dotted condoms. Playgard super dotted condoms, when it comes in contact with genitals, is sure to flicker the playmate's sensation to the zenith and making her go romp on a romantic evening. One can buy Playgard strawberry flavoured - Super dotted condoms online at shycart and visit our physical store at Adyar, Chennai. 

Effective contraception 

Condoms can be redundant only when a baby is to be conceived. One can't skip over condoms every time he/she has sex or have a better birth control method. So condoms play a significant part in everybody's sex life. Because the condom less sex can surprise anyone with superfluous pregnancy or STD/HIV diseases. The condoms are necessary when one wants to satisfy their physical needs at the same time do not want to get pregnant as it hampers the sperms from making contact with the female eggs. 

Also, it helps in the prevention of AIDS. With the growing technology, condoms have encountered significant transformations over the decade which predominantly is to enrich the sex life for those who are bored off of the mundane sex with regular condoms. Also, due to the fact that many are allergic to and couldn't tolerate odour of latex. So we, shycart.com, suggest to buy Playgard Strawberry flavoured condoms online at very low price.

Playgard More Time Super dotted Strawberry Flavoured condoms – Features

Material Non-Allergic natural rubber latex
Flavour Strawberry
Texture Super Dotted
Shape Straight Walled & Teat ended
Colour  Transparent
Lubrication Lubricated
Condom Length  180 mm (standard)
Condom Width 53 ±2 mm 
Condom Price Rs.75
Quantity 9 Condoms

How does Playgard More time Strawberry flavoured condoms work?

Sex is not a sprint rather it’s a marathon. Besides the normal condoms, there are condoms that can make you run longer in the sex marathon. Playgard more time strawberry flavoured condoms contain a specially concocted lubricant which is basically a local desensitizer. 

Playgard strawberry flavoured condoms, which is also known as playgard more time condoms, accord the unimaginable physical intimacy during long-lasting sexual intercourse which is ideal for couples who are fed up with the normal condoms and find it boring because they feel that normal condoms reduce the pleasurable stimulation of sex. Now anyone can have concupiscent sex without compromising on the safety and x-factor. Never be lackadaisical to wear a condom every time you have sex - it’s the responsible thing to do!

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Playgard more time super dotted strawberry flavored condom 3s X 3 - Reviews

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best site for personal products I have ordered 4 time never face any issue
Good Extra Dotted and increase time in intercourse. -
Good Extra Dotted and increase time in intercourse.
Good -
Superb -
Best in class

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