Planning pregnancy for a healthy child - part 4

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Planning pregnancy for a healthy child - part 4

Caution towards medicines:

A woman must be cautious in taking medicines for any illness or any diseases if she wishes to get pregnant, even if she intakes it for a long time. It’s better to get consulted with the doctor regarding the intake of medicines for chronic diseases before a woman would like to get pregnant and after a positive pregnancy test kit , once they buy pregnancy test kit and test it. More care is needed for pregnant women those who are affected by fix and diabetes. 

Workplace Menace: 

The workplace environment plays a vital role in the growth of the foetus. Particularly women working at Nuclear power plants, Chemical industries, Heavy vehicles, Mercury, benzene, black lead, Radiation-related industries and radiation treatment-related departments have a great risk in getting pregnant. And for a pregnant woman, the risk is high in number in the growth of a foetus.

For men medical issues like decrease or disability in cells, impotence might arise. When people are exposed to such chemical reacting workplaces, they get tired so easily and also they face many medical related difficulties.

The women who are working in the above-categorized workplaces must avoid such work environments until pregnancy duration by taking maternity leave or by some other means. The IT women those who work on shifts and doing overtime must note that the growth of the foetus gets affected a lot due to overstress during pregnancy and that gets enlarged while the child grows.

Eyes, nose and few organs are some hereditary traits that are inherited from ancestor to descendants. Such like that, certain hereditary diseases and disorders also inherited from parent to child due to few factors.

The next part will give a brief knowledge on this which will pour some light to carry out pregnancy with much easiness.

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Modified on 20 Aug, 2019

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