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Medela - which breast pumps to select

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Medela - which breast pumps to select

Medela has widest choice of breast pumps based on the mother breastfeeding needs to their kids.

Confused on which type of breastpump to select, leave your worries aside and select the sutiable pump from the below guidelines

Situation 1 - Full time breastfeeding

You are not back to work and in full day care of your baby, wish to feed the breast milk couple of times in a week through feeding bottle,

Then you can go for Swing (Electric) or Harmony (manual) single breast pump with 2-Phase Expression.

Situation 2 -  Responsibilites in Sharing the feeding

If your partner will to express milk when you breastfeed you chils, then its ideal to choose Freestyle or Swing maxi where both are electric pumps with 2-Phase Expression.

Situation 3-  Breastfeeding is challaenge while both mum and baby are healthy

If you have toruble in extablishing breastfeeding or lactation, or worrying that you cannot breasfeed, then you have of Symphony Rental (or) Freestyle. Once you have overcome this problem, you can choose any of the situation 1 or situation 2 pumps sutiable for you.

Situation 4 -  Not feasible to breastfeed initially

You cannot breasfeed your child due to illness or due to early prenancy delivery, You both still in the hospital and you need help to establish your milk supply. You are entreily depend on breast-pump,
then you can go for Symphony rental breast pump. Once you are discharged from hospital or not having any breastfeeding challenges, then choose any of the breastpump listed in scenario 1 & 2.

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Modified on 20 Dec, 2018

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