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Medela - hydrogel pads - 4 pcs

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  • Brand: Medela

Medela - hydrogel pads - 4 pcs

  • 0 piece(s) sold
  • Brand: Medela
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Medela hydrogel pads come as a boon to feeding mothers who experience soreness in the nipples due to constant feeding in the initial days of feeding. The hydrogel pads serve as coolant soothing gels and induce the required amount of moisture required to keep the nipples moist by overcoming the dryness. Nipple soreness causes pain and hinders the process of breastfeeding. It has 4 pieces of adhesive pads that can be re-used to up to 24 hours.

What causes soreness in the nipples?

Nipple soreness might occur to any feeding mother. After the first few breast feeding sessions, say around 10- 15 times, the nipple is constantly exposed to vacuum due to the constant sucking factor that happens while feeding. This might cause soreness in the nipples and eventually lead to pain.

Natural way to get rid of soreness

Squeeze out the last few droplets of milk and gently apply it over the nipples. This will greatly help to overcome the soreness in the nipples. It will prevent from making the nipples dry. 

How does Hydrogel soothing gel nursing pads work?

Hydrogel pads contain an adhesive sheet which will be wrapped over a plastic sheet. The plastic sheet had to be removed and the side which contains the moisture had to be brought in contact with the nipples. The moisture is initially applied with the use of water, which is a key ingredient of the product. Once it becomes moist, the moisture is being retained by Glycerol.

How to use Medela Hydro gel breast pads - Instructions?

Peel off the side which has a plastic sheet. Once peeled, keep it gently inside the bra and ensure the moist end faces the nipples.  Remove it before feeding and keep it back in place after feeding. 

Ingredients of gel pads for nursing moms

It is mainly made of water, glycerol and Sodium AMPS which is across linked polymer. Glycerol is highly water soluble and it is used widely in the pharmaceutical industry as a humectant. It retains the moisture by absorption. 


A customer reviewed stating "I have given up breastfeeding due to high pain caused due to soreness. This exciting product helped to feed by kid again."

Special instructions

These hydrogel pads had to be always stored in a cool place in order to retain the moisture in in it. Storing in fridge is even preferred. Once opened, it can be re-used upto 24 hours by taking them out and placing them in as and when required during feeding. If the mother is allergic to glycerin, it is strongly advised not to use this product.

Video about how to use hydrogel pads and thier uses

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