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Icare Reusable Menstrual Cup - Small Size

Icare Reusable Menstrual Cup - Small Size

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Icare Reusable Menstrual Cup Small Size

Icare Reusable Menstrual Cup - Small Size

The iCare menstrual cup is made from soft medical grade silicone that is reusable and has been designed to make it convenient to clean and comfortable to wear. The iCare menstrual cup is soft, flexible and easy to fold to insert and contains a spring to pop up easily after insertion. Its flexibility allows it to bend as you move thereby providing you with the ultimate comfort and protection at all times. The iCare menstrual cup is worn internally and while tampons and pads absorb menstrual   fluid, the iCare collects it. This cup therefore doesn’t cause dryness, irritation, itching or any discomfort and collects three times as much as a tampon. The icare reusable menstrual cup is user-friendly, safe, reusable, ecological and a healthier alternative to pads and tampons and women love it because it is truly magical and one does not feel it’s presence and it feels like wearing nothing at all.

Why use the icare menstrual cup?

  • Healthier alternative to sanitary pads and tampons
  • No more odors - feel fresh all day long
  • Protects your intimate balance and avoids dryness
  • Say goodbye to frequent tampon changes
  • Simple, comfortable, convenient & easy to use
  • So soft and flexible – feels like wearing nothing at all
  • Complete protection even on your heaviest day
  • 12-hour protection & is extremely comfortable when worn overnight
  • Experience a complete leak free cycle!
  • Discreet, no strings, no padding, wear all that you choose to
  • Suitable for the female of all ages, sizes and lifestyles.
  • Can be comfortably worn during all types of physical activities
  • Apparently, Reusable, Ecological and Economical

Factors to consider when choosing a size

Sizes are usually based on the kind of flow you have, age and childbearing history but many other factors have to be taken into account on how to choose an iCare Menstrual cup.

The flow of the fluid

This is the most significant factor when choosing the right cup. Size “L” is best for a heavier flow and size “S” for a lighter flow, but also take into consideration some of the other factors as well.


This is a very significant factor to know how to choose an iCare menstrual cup. Women with a smaller vaginal canal generally should use size “S” and those with a larger vaginal canal would  generally use size “L”, regardless of age or menstrual flow.


If you have a petite or a small build, you should use size “S”, while if you have a larger build, you should use size “L”.


Childbirth very often affects the shape of the vagina and weakens the pelvic floor tone therefore size “L” is mandatory for by all women who have given birth naturally.

Pelvic Floor Tone

The vaginal muscles, also known as the pelvic floor muscles, play an important role on how to choose an iCare Menstrual cup, because they hold the cup in place while wearing the menstrual cup. As we age the muscles lose elasticity, often through pregnancy or hormonal changes.

So if you have a pelvic floor disorder such as incontinence or have been diagnosed with a weak pelvic floor, you should always use size “L”. On the other hand, if you have a strong pelvic floor tone thanks to practicing regular exercises or other activities such as Pilates, yoga or dance you must consider size “S”, irrespective of your childbearing history or age.

How to use the icare menstrual cup?

If you can wear a tampon, you should find it relatively easy to insert a menstrual cup.

Just follow these steps to use an icare cup:

  • At the outset, wash your hands thoroughly.
  • Next, apply water or a water-based lube to the rim of the cup.
  • Now tightly fold the menstrual cup in half, holding it in one hand with the rim facing up.
  • Insert the cup, rim up, into your vagina like you would with a tampon without an applicator. It should sit comfortably a few inches below your cervix.
  • Once the cup is in your vagina, rotate it slowly and delicately. It will spring open to create an airtight seal that prevents leakage.

You wouldn’t feel your menstrual cup if you’ve inserted the cup correctly. It would feel like wearing nothing-at-all.

Model I – Small

Capacity : 28ml / 0.95 fl.oz

Diameter : 40mm / 1.57 in

Length : 50mm / 1.97 in

Stem Length : 25mm / 0.98 in

Advantages of I-care Menstrual cup:-

No leaks, no leaks, no leaks!

When inserted perfectly, the menstrual cup forms an airtight seal with the walls of the vagina. This means that as long as the cup is not full to the brim (which is unlikely), there is virtually no possibility of leakage and it can never become accidentally dislodged.

Comfort and convenience

Since the icare cup is worn internally, there is no feeling of dampness or stickiness at all. It is completely invisible from the outside. In addition, when inserted appropriately, you should not be able to feel the presence of the cup within the body at all. While removing, all of the fluid is contained within the cup, so it should be virtually a mess-free experience. It is painless to insert as well as to remove.

Fewer changes

The menstrual cup contains up to 3x more fluid than other methods of absorption, which means it can be worn for up to 8-12 hrs. The menstrual cup collects fluid rather than absorbing it. At any one time, a cup holds up to a quarter of total monthly discharge. Medical grade silicone protects one from the growth of bacteria/allergies/fungal infections. As the cup does not absorb any fluid, it maintains the natural pH balance of the body. This means that it can be comfortably inserted before or after a period, or during days of very light flow without causing any dryness or irritation.


Generally on an average, a woman spends anywhere between Rs. 100 to 150 on sanitary packs every month. This amounts to Rs. 3,600 in two years and Rs. 9,000 in five years. The icare cup retails for Rs. 499, and can be re-used for up to 10years! You should do the math!

Environmentally friendly

The icare cup is environmentally friendly and economical. Silicone is a green ingredient. The material is derived from silica, a type of sand, and as it degrades, it slowly goes back to its original state; the second most abundant mineral in the Earth’s crust and one that is environment friendly.

Perform all sports/activities confidently

The cup cannot be felt after insertion and apparently cannot become dislodged easily, as it forms a tight seal. The seal is also completely water-tight. This means you can go about all the activities while wearing it, including sports and swimming.


Most brands of the cup come with a discreet pouch. The cup can be placed in the pouch and left in the bag between use. It can be comfortably inserted before the period starts, to avoid any messy surprises! You also don’t need to carry any spares or worry about disposal.


The cup is made from soft medical grade silicone and is completely latex-free, hypoallergenic and contains no dyes, BPA, phthalates, plastic, bleaches or toxins. It has never been associated with TSS or vaginal infections. As it is non-absorbent, it does not cause dryness and does not disrupt your body’s natural pH levels (35% of the fluid tampons absorb is natural moisture!).


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