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How to Use I Know Ovulation Test Kit

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I Know Ovulation Test Kit

I Know Ovulation Test Kit detects when you are likely to get ovulated. If the menstruation cycle of a woman begins on the 1st of a month then the ovulation test using I Know ovulation kit must be taken on the 14th day of the same month. Ovulation test can be taken between 10 am to 8 pm. shycart recommends the women to test is in the afternoon after 12 pm. Reduce the intake of fluids like water, juice etc. for about 2 hours before testing, because diluted urine sample can hamper the hormone detection.

Collect the urine and add 2-3 drops of urine in the slot. Wait for few minutes.

Positive Result: Two pink lines in C & T indicate that you are at the beginning of the fertile days

Negative: A single line in C indicates that the fertile days are not started yet.

Invalid: No line on the I Know Ovulation Test Kit indicates an invalid result. If so, test again using a fresh kit.

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Modified on 20 Apr, 2021

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