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How do I use personal lubricant

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Lube can be used by anyone for different needs. You can use lube during foreplay, intercourse and masturbation. There is no right way to use lubricants. Apply it liberally on the vagina, penis or sex toys. Buy personal lubricant and apply it anytime during sex to intensify sensations and make it more pleasurable.

How to use different types of lubes

Lubes can be water-based, silicon-based and oil-based. Each of them might differ in ingredients but the purpose and usage remain the same.  Find out which is the right lube for you and use a lube that suits your needs.

Water-based lubes are gentle on the skin and is the most common type of lube used by most couples. Since it is water-based it is easily absorbed into the skin and whenever you feel dry, reapplication of lube would help. They can be used with all types of condoms and sex toys. Not suitable for water play as they are easily washed out.

Silicon-based lubes gives a silky smooth feel when applied. Since silicone is hypoallergenic, it is a great choice for people who have sensitivity or allergies. They last longer than water-based lubes and reapplied less often. Silicon-based lubes are not suitable with silicone toys as they can break the material over time. Great for water play.

Oil-based lubes are a great choice for people who prefer a long-lasting silky feel throughout the session. Though they are a great option for giving massages, it is tough to clean off of your skin and toys. Also, they are not safe to use latex condoms as they might cause a rip and tear.

Whatever is the personal lubricant you are using, make sure to apply it to a small area at first and ensure it suits your skin type.

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Modified on 09 Feb, 2021

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