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How do I keep my intimate area clean?

How do I keep my intimate area clean?

How to clean vagina? How to make vagina smell good? These are the questions pops up in your mind when you start caring for your intimate parts. Read this article for an extensive guide to "How do I keep my intimate area clean?".

First of all, everyone must understand that the body and vagina aren't the same. In fact, they both don't have the same pH levels. It is normal and easy to clean the body while bathing. But when you reach the delicate part down there, the whole approach should be changed in order to maintain a healthy vagina. However, it is not rocket science. It is a very easy, simple process to have a fresh vagina and, guess what, you can also make the vagina smell good.

Before we dive and delve into the topic.

Do vagina needs to be washed/cleaned?

Well, one should understand that the vagina is not outside of the body. This is often misled. The part which outside down there is called vulva which contains different parts in it such as Clitoris, Clitoris hood, inner and outer labia.

So, the vagina is the inner canal inside the body.

Now that, we have brushed up the basic female anatomy. Its time to answer the question, "Do you really need to wash your vagina?"

NO, you don't! But, however, you should clean/wash your vulva.

Because the vagina is known for its self-cleaning attribute that helps to maintain the pH level and ecosystem of the vagina.

So, how to clean vulva?

Just using Lukewarm water to wash/clean the vulva would help to have a fresh vagina. And there are other option to have a healthy vagina that smells good.

Obviously, it is the intimate wipes and washes. These hygiene products are specially fabricated for this purpose. This might also answer to your question, "How to make vagina smell good?" if you're still wondering.

So, what is an Intimate Wipe?

Intimate wipe is a piece of specially manufactured clothes to cleanse women's intimate areas. Intimate wet wipes will protect you from irritation, itching, bacterial infection and even from STD's if used before and after sex.

If you want to be extra clean, don't be hesitant to wash or wipe the anus too.

To clean/wipe the vulva, spread the vaginal lips and wipe with the intimate wipe or wash with the hands around the vulva. Just make sure that the water or soap doesn't get into the vagina. If you insist on wash your anus, then it is best advised to go from front to back. This means first wipe your vagina and then go on to your anus. Because if you do the other way around, it might cause the bacteria from the anus to transfer to the vagina that will cause some serious infection. So do follow this procedure to have a clean and healthy vagina.

Avoid Using Soaps down there

Using soaps to clean vagina is not the best idea. Because normal soaps are alkaline based that are meant to maintain the pH level of the skin, not the vagina. Using soaps to clean vagina will only cause vaginal itching, irritation and bacterial infection.

So never use soaps on V.

But, How to deal with the smelly vagina? Will others be able to smell it?

No vagina is odourless nor they should be. The odour is due to the vaginal discharge which is the byproduct of the vagina's self-cleaning process. Each vagina smells different. The vaginal odour may depend on your diet and menstrual cycle.

It's very unlike for someone to smell the odour of your vagina unless they're in the vicinity of your vagina. So probably, your partner might smell it during sex.

Should you feel that the vagina smells bad, then consult the doctor immediately. Because BV (Bacterial Vaginosis) can cause the vagina to smell very bad.

Things to follow for a Healthy vagina and to make vagina smell good.

1. Always wipe/wash from front to back.

Wiping back to front can spread bacteria from the anus to the vagina which will eventually cause some serious infection.

2. Always pee after sex

Peeing after will help you get rid of germs and bacteria out of the urinary tract. During sex, there are very good chances for the bacteria and germs to come into contact with the urinary tract. These bacteria and germs are capable of causing Urinary Tract Infection.

3. Don't choose the hygiene and intimate products, just like that.

When you decide to use hygiene products, do a little research on the ingredients of the products. The ingredients of the product matter a lot. If you find it difficult, never be hesitant to consult the doctor.

4. Go Commando or use cotton underwear during sleep.

Not wearing underwear or using cotton underwear during sleep is gentle on the intimate areas and it is breathable that lets out the moisture instead of trapped inside.

5. Avoid Harsh Soaps to wash the vagina.

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Modified on 23 Jun, 2019

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