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Healthfab GoPadFree Leak Proof Reusable Period Panty

Healthfab GoPadFree Leak Proof Reusable Period Panty

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Healthfab GoPadFree Leak Proof Reusable Period Panty - usable for 2 years without pads, tampons or menstrual cup, made up of organic fabric

Healthfab Reusable Washable Cotton Period Panty - Product Description

Ever imagined your periods without wearing anything extra? Forget Sanitary Pads, Tampons, Menstrual Cups and period rashes forever! Introducing HealthfabGoPadFree - a perfect period panty that is leak-proof and reusable, holds your menstrual flow for hours - up to 5 sanitary pads worth, protecting you form stains and rashes, keeping you feeling light, dry and comfortable. This leakproofMenstrual underwear follows a thin and breathable design, minimizing odour and bacteria. It is made from OEKO-TEX certified fabrics, completely safe on your health and our environment, very easy to wash and reuse. Though GoPadFree has been tested by many Indian women and was certified to be Magical, we urge every user to test it at home before wearing socially for the first time as flow varies from women to women!

Key Features

  • Leak-proof and stain free – holds upto 5 sanitary pads worth of menstrual blood
  • Light and soft cotton – Keeps user feeling dry, rash-free and comfortable for hours
  • Anti-odour and breathable
  • Reusable - Easily washable
  • Completely safe on health and environment.
  • Saves the environment from tons of Sanitary waste.
  • Reusable up to 2 years.

Healthfab GoPadFree Leak Proof Reusable Period Panty

The healthfab Gopadfree period panty is a cotton period underwear used by women during menstruation. Though they look like normal underwear, this period panty online comes with different additional layers to make it super absorbent and reliable. Period panties are the latest eco-friendly innovation to menstrual hygiene. With best period panties, you can live your periods just like every other day. By shifting to eco-friendly and reusable period panties, a lot of disposable sanitary waste is reduced. Buy GopadFree period panties online and do your bit for the environment.

Healthfab GoPadFree Period Panty – Washing Instructions

  1. Buy Healthfab GoPadFree period underwear online and read the instructions before usage.
  2. Before wearing the leak-proof panty, wipe your body dry.
  3. After usage, it is recommended to keep your used panty under running tap water to clear off the mess.
  4. Then wash the period panty using your regular detergent in cold water and dry it.
  5. Gopadfree leakproof reusable cotton period panty is eco-friendly, reusable and easy to wash.

Is GoPadFree a replacement for disposable sanitary pads and tampons?

Yes, Gopadfree can be a replacement for your sanitary products like sanitary pads, tampons and menstrual cups. This period panty is the latest eco-friendly innovation for menstrual hygiene. It gives you the freedom to have comfortable and rash free periods and you can even wear your favorite dress on your periods since GoPadFree period panties are leakproof. Since all women experience different period flow, it is advised to test the product at home to find your ideal usage.

Is GoPadFree period underwear hygienic and odorless?

GoPadFree is leak-proof cotton underwear and it consists of multiple layers to offer you comfortable, rash-free and odorless periods. The microfibre absorbent layer wicks away wetness and the breathable leakproof layer keeps you dry and comfortable. The use of high-quality cotton fabric ensures the period panty to be hygienic by design and odour-free.

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