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Exercises for women for better sex

Exercises for women for better sex

Kegel exercise helps you to acquire more excitement in bed. But it requires a lot of practice. Studies have shown that these exercises can help women to treat urinary incontinence and improve their sexual functioning.

Sex is an enjoyable experience for love partners. The factors that cause the vaginal laxity are aging, childbirth, pregnancy. So both men and women can perform kegel exercises to strengthen their sexual pleasure. This exercise does not require any special equipment and you can perform this anywhere during any time.

Before starting the exercise, you need to find the right PC (Pelvic Floor) muscles. Once you find the right muscles squeeze it for three seconds and relax for next three seconds. If this exercise causes any pain you should stop it immediately. Get into a comfortable position and keep in mind that you should not move you back and stomach while doing this exercise.

Kegel exercise helps to strengthen the muscles of the vagina to enhance sexual arousal and helps to reduce the urinary incontinence. So for better results, perform the exercise slowly and steadily. Try to practice regularly and you would know the difference within two months.

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Modified on 31 Dec, 2018

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