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Eco femme -who are they and what they do?

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Eco femme -who are they and what they do?

What is Eco femme?

Eco femme is a social organization for women that aims at educating and implementing healthy, hygienic, environment-friendly and clean recommendations for menstrual periods. Working from Auroville, South India, an internationally identified vibrant team of women pursue their service for an honest, most essential, need-of-the-hour cause.

What do they do?

The primary focus of the network is to save the ecosystem from non- decomposable anion sanitary pads.
Registered and launched in the year 2009, a simple and striking idea of reusable cloth pads was figured by the Co-founder of the Group Kathy Walkling. The organization employs a set of financially weak yet skilful women tailors for stitching the cloth pads. Other than just tailoring they enjoy the work by trying the product in different designs and colours. The management team conducts campaigns, seminars and workshops in various developing districts throughout the country. 

Why reusable pads?

Eco femme products are not the same as the normal polypropylene menstrual pads since it is easy to wash and completely made of cotton. It proves to be the best solution for below-addressed problems. The following are the compelling reasons to use cloth pads.
  • Sanitary pads available in the market takes nearly a number of decades to decompose which poses a serious threat to the biosphere.
  • Women in rural area still wear unhygienic trash cloth materials supported by a belt-like thing during their menstrual period which is very unpleasant and insecure.
  • Popular brands are expensive to use for a nominal waged family woman.
  • Any woman who worries for polluting the neighbourhood can take a first step towards protecting Mother Nature.

How to use cloth pads?

Using cloth pads dates back to centuries in India. But the issue is how is it used.  Washing immediately after use, drying it in the Sun and storing it separately are strongly recommended practices. Soaking for 30 minutes and cold or warm water wash guarantees a clean, stain-free and odourless stuff. 

Eco femme day pad 

  1. Comfortable and soft. Can be used like other disposable pads
  2. Cotton cloth pad with a special absorbent fabric
  3. Suitable wings with press buttons adhere to the underwear.
  4. When managed properly, durable for more than 5 years.
  5. Five layered surfaces with leak resistance, tailored for average flow.
  6. Changing frequency just like normal pads.                                  

Eco femme day pad plus 

  1. An intermediate of day pad and the night pad.  
  2. Best for beginning days and ending nights of the period. 
  3. Consists of external cotton flannel and a super absorbent internal one.
  4. Leakproof layer for increased protection.
  5. 26.5cm length x 7cm width when closed

Eco femme night pad

  1. I00% natural, chemical-free reusable cloth pad.
  2. 7 layers of protection with leak resistance
  3. Best during nights and when the flow is massive.
  4. Bright-coloured material with brilliant prints.
  5. Extra length and width at the rear end increased safety.                                

Eco femme full-cycle kits 

The kit contains a compound collection of all sizes.
Each kit accommodates 2-day pads, 2-day pad plus pads, 1-night pad, 2 panty liners, 1 travel pouch, plus a menstrual cycle tracking chart and an instruction manual.  To avoid confusion each size pad is of distinct colour. Made of 100% soft cotton material and leak-proof PUL layer. Non printed side facing upwards and printed side sticks to an undergarment. Wings with press buttons adhere the product to the panty.
  1. A small flexible bag for storing the cotton pads when you go out.
  2. A clean way to separate it from the rest of the clothing even at home.
  3. Best to always carry the pads in the pouch to keep it free from dust and dirt.
  4. Made of leak-resistant material and has an attractive drawstring.


Eco femme panty liners 

  1. Three-layered protection with a soft flannel topside.
  2. Completely made of cotton with a leak-proof layer.
  3. Suggested for daily use to collect any vaginal discharges, occasional spills and light flows.
  4. Nickel-free press buttons on wings for better support.
  5. You can buy menstrual cup and use it along with it.


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Modified on 19 Aug, 2019

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