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Do men undergo periods as well?

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Do men undergo periods as well?

Male PMS

Grumpy, increasingly frustrated, having insane mood swings, grasped by bouts of baseless anxiety -  no, not the description of a woman in PMS..
but of a MAN ! 
Psychotherapist Jed Diamond says even men fall victim to hormone fluctuations.  He calls this IMS- Irritable Male Syndrome. IMS occurs in all males of the mammal world.

IMS in Male Humans- Andropause

When the mating season ends, male mammals tend to be in a state of anxiety and frustration. A drop in the testosterone levels is found to cause such symptoms. 

IMS in humans is called Andropause. 

During IMS, men exhibit irritation, hypersensitivity and tend to vent out frustration on their women or close-ones. The very idea of IMS might seem new. Probably, because of the belief that only women are easily moved hormonal wise or emotionally and its logic that moves men. But then men also have their share of hormonal cycles. There are seasonal cycles with testosterone levels being higher in November and lower in Aprils.  And there are daily cycles with testosterone being higher in the mornings when in comparison to nights. Apart from these, they have a monthly hormonal cycle that is unique to each male.


Both internal and external reasons cause IMS.  Hormonal changes can be caused by many- many reasons. For instance, even a weight gain is capable of playing with hormones. Along with this poor diet habits and improper medication are as well reasons. 

Denial Mode- Symptom to look for 

How will one know if a man is suffering from IMS- Well, if the man starts to blame everyone else around him for all the mishaps and is keener to point out faults in others be it in the family or on the roads and constantly stays in a denial mode, that is a lot of cue he is suffering from IMS.

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Modified on 03 Jan, 2017

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