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Different types of maternity belts

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Different types of maternity belts

What is maternity belt?

Maternity belt is one of the most crucial products that help to alleviate the discomfort for Pregnancy women. It is very hard bearing a baby as it grows. It gives a lot of pressure on the bladder and obviously leads to pain such as pelvic, lower back and leg. A Maternity belt that you wrap around your back allows lifting your belly and provides back support.

Benefits of using it

It is quite good to use if you obtain Additional pregnancy weight or if you are carrying more than one baby. It provides relief to your lower back pain, leg swelling, pelvic girdle pain and nerve pain. It can be used to strengthen your muscles even after having your baby. It is also adoptable for wearing when performing exercises.

Different types of maternity belts

Maternity Back support belt:

It is a light-weight garment and it fits around the back and stomach. It lifts your lower area of abdominal part to provide reinforcement to the lower back and hip area. It relieves muscle fatigue and muscle soreness and makes you feel good during or post pregnancy Maternity clothes.

Maternity Pregnancy support belt:

It is an ideal choice for a woman who seeks some extra support for their extensive child bump Cute maternity clothes. It is built with multi-layered garment made of cotton and nylon lining and facilitates abdominal lift supplement to lift your belly at ease. It helps to support your belly as well as back without giving any pressure. 

Prenatal cradle:

It comes with more straps and lifts the weight of your belly from the pelvis. It offers support for back pain, painful hip separation and abdominal straining. It is more convenient and can be used with regular lingerie. It is recommendable by doctors.


You just need to follow the instructions as per guide or seek advice from doctors as to how to use safely without hurting your baby's growth. It should not be worn for more than a few hours or at the time of sleeping.

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Modified on 24 Jul, 2019

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