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Corsets are popular just like any other women intimates. It is a rigid garment bolstered by the steel-bones. The corset is usually worn to enhance the look and posture of the body. Besides this, women would always love to see how sleek their posture and body is. And they find corset does most of the job effectively and efficiently. Corset will accentuate the voluptuous curves and help to boost your sex life like never before.

So, What are Corsets?

Corset is delicately designed garment for above-mentioned purposes. It is made from a flexible fabric (leather, satin or cotton) yet it is fabricated to be strong to hold the waist and torso by the steel-bone reinforcement. The stone-boning is a special arrangement which gives strength to cinch the waist and uplift the curvy hips and bustline. Corsets are designed in a perfect way to fit around the torso and accentuate the breast. There are two types of corset which categorized based on the bust: Underbust and Overbust.

Underbust Corsets: These are the type of corset that is positioned below the bust and can be worn along with the bra.

Overbust Corsets: These types of the corset will cover the entire bust and it eliminates the need for bras.

Corsets, usually, end at or below the waist so as to give that hourglass curvaceous looks. Buy Corset online in India to tune your sex life.

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