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Bumpadum Organic Reusable Cloth Menstrual Pad - Panty Liner

Bumpadum Organic Reusable Cloth Menstrual Pad - Panty Liner

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Wet-free comfort, super soft feel of cotton velour Laminated fabric on the outside makes pad waterproof Contoured shape for perfect fit 3 layers of organic cotton offering enough protection for spotting and as backup for the menstrual cup Change every 5-6 hours during daytime to maintain good hygiene

Bumpadum reusable cloth pad provides a wet-free experience and is extremely comfortable as it keeps you dry and fresh all day long. The cotton reusable cloth pad maintains your soft skin and keeps you away from skin rashes and itches. This reusable cloth pad by bumpadum will save your money as well because it is only once that you buy this cotton cloth pad and you can then reuse them periodically. This washable menstrual sanitary pad provides protection from spotting or as a backup for a menstrual cup. The contoured shape of the washable menstrual pad keeps the bumpadum reusable cloth pad in place. This cotton reusable cloth pad is a waterproof pad and it's exterior is made of laminated fabric. Change your waterproof reusable cloth pad every 5-6 hours during daytime in order to maintain your health and hygiene.

How to wash a bumpadum reusable cloth pad?

  • In cold water rinse your used pad repeatedly until the pad gets back it's original colour.
  • Using detergent soak your used washable menstrual sanitary pad for half to one hour
  • Wash well and dry your bumpadum reusable cloth sanitary pad using sun rays
  • Keep your cotton reusable cloth pad in a dry place
  • Finally, wash your hands well.

Cloth menstrual pad vs disposable pad?

The disposable pads are made with some chemicals to absorb menstrual fluid. Generally, cloth has the absorbing capacity. Using cloth does not cause any skin rashes, itches, and vaginal infection. That's why bumpadum comes with a washable menstrual pad which absorbs fluid and maintains women's health and hygiene. Some disposable pads do not absorb the moisture immediately and make you feel wet. That moisture in turn obviously causes infections. But these waterproof reusable cloth pad absorbs the fluid efficiently and make you feel dry all day long. The cloth is good for our skin and it doesnt cause any infection to the skin. Washing your waterproof reusable cloth pad is very easy and simple.

There is a variety of bumpadum reusable cloth pads available in the market. They can be mainly described in three categories: bumpadum cloth pad- liner, bumpadum cloth pad- medium, bumpadum cloth pad- large. Choosing the perfect cotton reusable cloth pad and size depends on your flow and how often you intend to wash your waterproof reusable cloth pad. In common, 10-15 days washable menstrual pad, 10 night use cotton reusable cloth pad, and few pantyliners are enough for most of the women.

Bumpadum reusable cloth pad is eco-friendly and they do not contain any plastic material or chemicals. The disposable pads are causing harm to the environment if you burn them or dispose of them. But these waterproof reusable cloth pads do not cause any harm to the environment. You can use this washable menstrual pad provide by bumpadum up to five years. These cotton reusable cloth pad is made from soft, breathable fabrics that allow for good air flow. These bumpadum reusable cloth pads prevent the risk of toxic shock syndrome.


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