Breast pumps are preferred rather than breast feeding

Breast pumps are preferred rather than breast feeding

Breast Milk

The Breast milk is a natural nutrient mix produced by a nursing mother’s body. WHO lays emphasis on exclusive breast feeding for the first six months of an infant’s life. Universally, this is followed by supplemented breast feeding for at least one year. Breast milk consists ofprotein, sugar, fat and water. This nutritional value is what that makes it,unarguably the best source of nutrition for an infant.

Though the act of breast feeding is beneficial to both mother and child, yet hurried lifestyles make it an impossible feat. Solution comes in the form of Breast Pumps.

Breast Manual Pump – Manual &Electrical

A Breast Pump is a device that aids in extracting milk from nursing mothers, to be stored and bottle fed later. These can either be manualor breast pump and electrical breast pump. Most Breast feeding Pumping have a container used to store and feed the expressed milk. Because of their versatility, Best Breast pumps are a preferred choice amongst nursing mothers.

Smart way
Breast pumps are used for a range of reasons: most commonly and widely used by working mothers who are keen to nurture their infants with breast milk even at work. If a nursing mother happens to be under a certain medication, she ends up passing chemical components into her milk.  She can extract this milk and discardit to prevent her baby from consuming contaminated milk. Cheap breast pumps also help mothers whose level of lactation is low. The pressure exerted by Breast manual pumps helps stimulate lactation. 

best breast pumps arethe smart way to breast feed. They are easy to use and come in a wide varietyof designs that suit individual needs.  More information about each modelcan always be procured from the portals that sell them. 

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Modified on 24 Jul, 2019

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