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Menstrual Cups Price Comparison in India

Menstrual Cups Price Comparison in India

Menstrual cups are available across many brands in India. This article elicits in detail about the various menstrual cup brands and compares the price in India and reports the best menstrual cup brand available online in India. We have covered top menstrual cups available online in India. They are listed not in any specific order. So How much does a menstrual cup cost? This is the first question that comes to mind before deciding to buy a menstrual cup. Read below to find the best cup for you. 


SheCup - Menstrual cup is one of the most popular brands of menstrual cups in India. This is made of 100% silicone which is of the highest-quality silicone used in the medical industry. It comes in 2 different sizes, named Normal & Large sizes, priced at Rs.1059

Diva Cup

One of the pioneers in Menstrual cup Industry, One of the best menstrual cups - The DivaCup empowers women to stay connected with their anatomy and menstrual cycles like never earlier for an interesting menstrual experience. It comes in 2 different sizes named M1 & M2., priced at Rs. 3600.

Rustic Art Menstrual Cup

Rustic Art Menstrual Cup is the right step towards hassle-free period and saving the environment from the harmful effects that sanitary napkins and tampons may cause. This is made of only the highest quality standards 100% platinum silicon. It is very soft, body-friendly. They have nicely captioned it as "A Friend Forever". It is priced at Rs.1250 

Boondh Menstrual Cup

BOONDH is an enterprise with a social mission to make the menstrual cup available in India at affordable prices with not only great quality but with great comfort and usage that is so very economical, environmentally friendly and a healthier alternative. Buy Boondh cup online at Rs.590

Everteen Menstrual Cup

Everteen Menstrual Cup is a product with the highest quality standards from everteen®, which offers India’s largest range of premium sanitary essentials for complete feminine hygiene. Made of medical-grade silicone, the Everteen Menstrual Cup is soft, smooth and easy and 100% safe to use. The everteen® menstrual cup can hold up to 30ml of fluid and is recommended for normal-to-heavy flow to give you assured leak-proof protection for up to 12 hours, priced at Rs. 455.

iCare Menstrual Cup

The iCare soft menstrual cup is made from medical grade silicone that is reusable and has been designed exclusively to make it convenient to clean and comfortable to wear. The iCare menstrual cup is soft, flexible and easy to fold, to insert and contains a small spring in order to pop up easily after insertion. It is priced at Rs.499

Intimus Menstrual Cup

Intimus Menstrual Cup helps you be prepared to take on your periods! It is priced at Rs.699

Stone-soup Wings - Menstrual cup

Stone soup Wings menstrual cup is one of the premium brands of menstrual cup manufacturers in India. One of the best quality menstrual cups priced at Rs.945

When you decide to order menstrual cup online in India, compare these brands once and read the menstrual cup reviews before you order. 

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Modified on 29 Jul, 2019

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Looks like you covered all the brand names not just the best ones
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Life changing cups
I am using shecup menstrual cup...It was a fantastic experience...Super quality..
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Good information
Thanks for giving detailed information...
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Excellent product.
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Shecup - Menstrual cup - Regular Size - 28 ml capacity - Flat Knob Stem


Menstrual cup - shecup double

1992 1990

Menstrual cup - aneer moon cup

750 600

Diva cup - Menstrual cup - 2 sizes - Nude colour - Hollow stem

3600 3100

Rustic Art Menstrual Cup Large and Cloth Pad S


Rustic Art - Menstrual Cup


Stone soup wings - Menstrual cup without stem


Boondh Cup - Menstrual Cup - Standard Size - 6 colours - Knob type stem

750 690
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