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Gonorrhea Profile

Gonorrhea Profile


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What is Gonorrhea?

Gonorrhea is one of the most common Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) caused by bacteria called Neisseria Gonorrhoeae. This bacteria usually infect the moist/warm areas of the body. The common infected region includes:

1. Eyes
2. Throat
3. Vagina
4. Urethra
5. Anus
6. Female Reproductive parts (Uterus, Fallopian tubes and cervix)

Gonorrhea is transmitted to a person by unprotected sex, oral and anal sex. People who have intercourse with many partners and don't use condoms are more likely to get infected by Gonorrhea.

Gonorrhea Test

The Gonorrhea test involves the collections of samples with the help of swab from the symptomatic area such as vagina, urethra, penis, rectum or throat. The collected sample is then placed on a glass slide for diagnostic purpose. If the person has pain in the joints or blood infection, then the blood sample of that particular region is drawn out for the test. After collecting the samples, samples are diagnosed with the addition of stain to it. After which the samples will be examined under the microscope. Gonorrhea test will result in positive if the cells react to the stain. Even though this test sounds easy and simple, the certainty of this test is not convincing enough to confirm the infection.

However, there is another test to confirm the infection. This test will also require the same set of samples. These samples will be placed in a special dish and then incubated in an ideal growth condition for several days. Gonorrhea test is positive if the gonorrhea bacteria grow as a colony in that special dish. This Gonorrhea test will take up to three days to confirm the infection.

Gonorrhea Symptoms

The window period for the Gonorrhea symptoms to appear is within 2-14 days after sexual intercourse. It is common that most people don't have symptoms for gonorrhea. And this type of people is known as Nonsymptomatic carrier. The person who falls under this category is also capable of spreading the infection or disease.

Gonorrhea Symptoms in Men

For men, the symptoms could take several weeks to appear after acquisition. Some men don't have any symptoms at all. In the most common cases, the symptoms start to occur a week after being exposed to the bacteria. The common gonorrhea symptoms in men are burning sensation while urinating. As the infection grows, other symptoms are as follows

1. Frequent urgency to urinate
2. Penis Discharge ( Pus-like. White, Greenish, Yellow or Beige)
3. Swelling of the penis
4. Testicle Pain
5. Constant soreness in the throat.

Gonorrhea will tend to remain in the body for a few weeks even after the symptoms are treated. In some rare cases, Gonorrhea might continue to damage the body especially the testicles and urethra. Gonorrhea will also cause infection in the rectum and symptom for this is rectal pain.

Gonorrhea Symptoms in Women

Like men, women also don't show any explicit symptoms of Gonorrhea. Even if symptoms occur, it can resemble the other infection which makes it hard to identify and diagnose. The most common gonorrhea symptoms in women are vaginal yeast infection or Bacterial Vaginosis. The other symptoms include

1. Vaginal Discharge (white, clear or greenish)
2. Pain while urinating
3. Frequent urgency to urinate
4. Heavy periods
5. Constant Soreness in the throat
6. Pain during sex
7. Extreme pain in the lower abdomen
8. Fever

FAQ's for Gonorrhea testing

What are the tests need to be taken for Gonorrhea testing?

Gonorrhoea can be tested using either NAAT testing (similar to PCR) or culture test which is not as sensitive as NAAT but specific and has antimicrobial resistance data

Whether this test to be carried in the blood sample or urine sample?


What is the window period for this test to be taken?

The Window period for Gonorrhea test is 2 Weeks if symptoms are asymptomatic.

Is there any chance that the person will develop the disease in future if the result is negative and do they need to repeat the test again after some time?

Repeat if in window period and ongoing risk of acquiring infection

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