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Are ovulation test strips accurate

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Are ovulation test strips accurate

There are real doubts about the accuracy of the urine ovulation test strips that are available in India. It is, of course, very useful to buy best ovulation test kit that if they fail to be an accurate ovulation test kit.

What is Ovulation Test

From our older articles, we believe that you now know about ‘What is Ovulation’, ‘When should I take ovulation test’ and ‘how to test ovulation at home’.

Basically ovulation test kits work by detecting the hormone LH (luteinizing hormone) that is present in your urine. So, sometimes they are called Urine Ovulation Test Strips, ovulation predictor kits, OPK Ovulation test, ovulation study test or simply ovulation tests.

While almost all the major ovulation test kit brands available in the market give authentic results, making it the most accurate ovulation test, lies solely in your hands. How you use the test is the most important thing that matters.  The i-know ovulation test kit is one of the best ovulation tests on the market.

When you buy ovulation test, you can see that it comes with about 5 test strips and along with with it a user manual. Although the procedure on how you should take the ovulation test almost the same for every test kit, you should follow the instructions that come with your kit. 

Ovulation test instructions

The most common things that you need to follow are,

When do you take an ovulation test

You should not use the first-morning urine as the LH is synthesized during the early morning only. So, you should collect the urine sample, or perhaps samples, in the afternoon or early evening, which is the best time of day to take the ovulation test.

Best time to test ovulation strips

You should try to take the ovulation tests at the same time every day, from the day you are sure that your ovulation period has started.

How often should I take an ovulation test

It is advisable that when you decide to buy ovulation test kits, you get one or two kits extra from various brands. Taking tests twice daily on all the days of the week will ensure that you never miss your most fertile ovulation period. Also, having spare kits would make you feel not to worry or minimize the usage of the kits. You can use them freely, at any time you want and that is the whole purpose of it. Using it over a period of time would help you map out the best days for conceiving. 

Make sure that you are well prepared before conceiving. If you buy pregnancy test kit beforehand, it would help you to determine whether you're pregnant or not.

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Modified on 16 Oct, 2019

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