Advantages of breast pump

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Why need to pump breast milk?

You can also use a breast pump for these reasons: To stimulate your milk production and increase your milk supply. To collect milk to feed a premature baby or one who can't latch on to your breast. To relieve the pain and pressure of engorged breasts – though too much pumping when you are engorged can make matters worse.

The main reason to breast pump your breast milk to feed your baby when you are not around (might be going out for work or shipping etc) and also they maintain the good breast-milk feed to your baby when you are with them. Also, it is very helpful for working mom where nursing continues with your pumped breast milk.

Pumped milk can be given to your baby by anyone at home (baby caretaker or relatives, dad) and you need not be there to give it and also gives you to take time out of your baby care and get good sleep/break.

When to start pumping breast milk?

In use though, most health professionals advise that you establish your breastfeeding routine first before using a pump. If you are very uncomfortable with a full feeling in your breasts in the first several weeks after your kid is born, you may want to reduce or relieve engorgement with an occasional pumping session.

Reasons to use a breast pump

  1. When you are not, your breast milk still can be given to your baby.
  2. Using a breast pump increases breast milk supply in addition to breastfeeding.
  3. It helps out to feed your premature baby and also for the baby who has latching problem.
  4. It can prevent engorgement and sore nipples.
  5. It allows your partner to share the rewards and responsibilities that feeding your baby brings.
  6. You can get a little more time to yourself.
  7. It is useful when returning to work or study.
  8. You need to pump milk if your baby is premature or in hospital.
  9. Pumping helps to initiate lactation if you have adopted a baby or after breastfeeding has been interrupted.
  10. To keep your milk supply up in case of any situation that arises to stop bursting (as per doctor advised due to medication) or if you get hospitalized for short span of time and when you are not able to breastfeed your baby whole day.
  11. Most women express their milk using an electric or manual pump which is easier than to use hands
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Modified on 27 Jun, 2019

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