Menstruation in kids

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Menstruation in kids


A signal of developing fertility and a major event in the puberty cycle, every woman undergoes this. Each one feels a different way when this first happens. It is the first menstruation, also known as Menarche. 
Menarche is experienced by girls at different ages. Menarche usually occurs in girls of age group 12-14 years. A different situation on the rise is increasing occurrence of ‘early menarche’. 

Menstruation in kids 

Early menarche is the onset of menstruation in kids of age group 6-8 years. Puberty occurring in girls at an unusually early age is called precocious puberty. This kind of early menstruation in kids can cause some adverse psychological effects. Usually it’s the kid’s social behavior that gets affected. Apart from these, early menstruation can also cause physical problems like reduction in adult height and few lifelong ailments. One research has even found that girls that menstruate early are more likely to suffer from asthma as adults.


Many researches claim that girls who have a high-fat diet and are not physically active or are obese are more likely to physically mature earlier.

Also there are certain chemicals that mimic estrogen whose exposure is a reason for early puberty in girls. Such chemicals are called Xenoestrogen. Bisphenol A that is found in hard plastics is a xenoestrogen known to affect the sexual development in the body.

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Modified on 03 Jan, 2017

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