Fire Xtra Time & Super Dotted Condoms - Pack of 12

Fire Xtra Time & Super Dotted Condoms - Pack of 12

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If lasting longer in bed has always been your wish, then check out Fire Xtra Time and Super Dotted condoms! The Fire xtra time condoms and super dotted condoms are designed to have dotted texture with dots 50% bigger than the regular dotted condoms. Get these outstanding Fire condoms now!

Fire xtra time and Super dotted condoms - Product Information

Type Xtra time condom
Style Super Dotted Condom
Material Natural rubber latex
Ideal For Men
Shape Straight walled & Teat ended
Lubrication Lubricated
Quantity 12 Condoms
Condom Size Standard Size
Length 180mm
Width 53 ±2 mm

6 in one Fire condoms

Fire xtra time condoms are super dotted condoms that make you last longer in the play of intimacy. Fire xtra time and super dotted condoms are a clever blend of 12 pieces in a pack that delivers the promise to make you last longer and have fun-filled moments.

Delays Climax for longer pleasures

With various dotted structures mounted over its surface, the excitation that the Fire xtra time condoms bring is beyond imagination. The fire xtra time and super dotted condoms are effectively lubricated with lubricants that delay climax and allows you to have longer intimacy and compassionate sex with your lady love. The quality that makes these fire condoms a must try product is its ability to help you last longer and save you the embarrassment of premature ejaculations.

 It is necessary to last longer during sex as it is often regarded as the most important aspect of lovemaking and it defines the effectiveness of pleasure that you have over your partner. Having longer sexual intercourse ensures complete mutual satisfaction and sense of fulfilment. The fire condoms, therefore, eliminate worries of early climax and helps in achieving a long lasting experience.

Super Dotted for extra fun

The supper dotted condoms are known to produce friction between the penis and the vaginal wall that increases the sensitivity of the nerves. The nerves stay stimulated for a long time due to the effect of the super dotted layer of this fire condom. As you can last longer with effective lubrication, these stimulations keep on growing till you reach the blissful state of orgasm. Effective stimulations over certain regions can cause immense pleasure and this is delivered with the super dotted condom. 

It is often necessary to bring in new changes to your sexual gameplay in order to keep it refreshing and engaging. Dotted and ribbed condoms are the best way to experiment with your sensual stimulations. It stimulates not only you but also your partner, thereby paving paths for mutual pleasures. Don’t forget to add other playful elements in your sex life like vibrating rings, flavoured lubes and assorted condoms! You will certainly reach new levels of intimacy starting with these extra time and dotted Fire condoms.  

Where to buy Fire Condoms?

You can buy condoms through regular stores but if you feel shy to do so then you can definitely opt to buy condom online with discreet packing. It is very easy to buy condom online with assured privacy and discretion in packaging as well as delivery. You can have the Fire xtra time condom right at your doorsteps delivered with utmost discretion. 

Product features:

  • Super dotted layer for effective stimulations
  • Effectively lubricated for a smoother experience
  • Fits comfortably on the genitalia
  • Made from non-allergic latex
  • Gives you long lasting pleasures

So, what are you waiting for? Buy the Fire Xtra Time condom online here with 100% privacy and discreet packaging!

Fire Xtra Time & Super Dotted Condoms - Infographic :

Check out the infographic about Fire Xtra Time Condoms which details the price and the reviews for the product.

Fire Xtra Time Condoms - Infographics

Questions about this product

Fire Xtra condoms are safe to use or what? Will it get broken while having sex? Cuz I heard few good brands but I heard this new.. Does it really help in preventing sex?
Asked on 13-Jan-2019
All condoms are clinically tested. Fire condoms are the new brand and they are 100% safe to use.
Answered on 14-Jan-2019

Fire Xtra Time & Super Dotted Condoms - Pack of 12 - Reviews

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