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Sperm friendly lubricants are important when you're trying to conceive General oils, as Astroglide and KY Jelly, have been indicated in exploration to repress sperm development, cause DNA harm, and even murder sperm. Utilizing regular greases presumably won't keep you from getting pregnant, however they can bring down your chances for achievement. So what would you be able to utilize? Here are some sperm benevolent lubricant choices. The greater part of the accompanying lubes passed research facility testing and were regarded sperm cordial.

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Loved it -
This sperm motility boost has helped me a lot! Thanks
Wonderful -
Really loved this product!
Nice shopping
Nice shopping
Genuine product -
Really found the difference in sperm counts and motility while having this and without. So I am recommending this product whoever trying to have babies.
Quality service! -
Fantastic and quality service of the highest order
Good -
Used this along with motility boost and the results are really good, but should be used continuously for 3 months
Good -
Used this along with motility boost and the results are really good, but should be used continuously for 3 months
good -
Good quick shipment
Worth every penny -
Good quick shipment

Fertility Care - Useful information

Fertility treatments and birth defect risks

Lifestyle today is making the very idea of becoming pregnant, a distant dream. Couples that resort to take up fertility treatments are growing in large numbers. Unlike popular belief, infertility is not associated with women alone: a large number of men . . .

Does coffee lead to infertility?

Worldwide there is an increase in fertility problems. To resolve the same, along with taking other corrective measures, it’s time to analyze our lifestyles, in particular- our food habits. We just aren’t eating right: there is junk food and there are caffeinated drinks.

Planning pregnancy for a healthy child - part 4

A woman must be cautious in taking medicines for any illness or any diseases if she wishes to get pregnant, even if she intakes it for a longtime. It’s better to get consulted with the doctor regarding the intake of medicines for chronic diseases before a woman would like to get pregnant.

Home sperm test kit - is it effective?

Sperm test kit is available at an affordable price, highly comfortable, quick process, easy to use and the results are very accurate like a lab test.