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SheCup | Buy Menstrual SheCup Online at Rs.1059  | Menstrual Cup Online | shycart
Menstrual cup - shecup
Menstrual cup - shecup
Menstrual cup - shecup

Menstrual cup - shecup

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Menstrual cup - She cup

A menstrual cup is a feminine hygiene cup to collect the menstrual fluid during the menstrual cycle. It is a reusable medical grade bell-shaped device. It is generally made of restorative health grade silicone and moulded like a chime. Unlike tampons and pads, the menstruation cup gathers menstrual liquid instead of retaining it. SheCup is one of the most popular menstrual cups in India.  This is made of 100% silicone which is the highest-quality silicone used in the medical industry. It is worn inside the female genitalia during monthly cycles to catch menstrual liquid and can be worn throughout the day and night. Unlike tampons and pads, the cup collects menstrual liquid as opposed to engrossing it. Assured 100% alternative to sanitary napkins and tampons This is considered the most modern intimate hygiene product for women and easy to use regardless of the environment.

Why should I use a SheCup?

Shecup is the healthiest option

  • Shecup is made with health grade non-toxic non-allergic silicone that protects you from the risk of infections or vaginitis
  • Silicone is inert and smooth so there are no problems of rashes, irritation, allergies and fungal infection
  • Shecup is a passive product, this only collects the menstrual flow and does not interfere with the natural normal functioning and cleaning process of the vagina
  • Shecup can be comfortably worn for long hours without any health hazards
  • Shecup is the only menstrual sanitary protection which can be sterilized
  • Shecup has been tested to comply with the most stringent international norms for the following Acute System Toxicity, Intracutaneous Toxicity and Implantation Test

Shecup makes you more hygienic

  • Since it is made of silicone it can be sterilized, making it more hygienic than any other product
  • Since the Shecup catches the menstrual fluid deep within, there is no foul odour and feeling of wetness
  • Shecup also comes with Shecup wipes that are provided to clean and sanitize Shecup before and after usage

Shecup is extremely convenient and simple to use

  • Since Shecup is reusable, there is no inconvenience to carry or store bulky products or to dispose used ones
  • It can be worn comfortably for 12 hours or more without any problems and can hold up to a quarter of the average monthly menstrual flow.
  • It can be worn safely all through the night

Shecup is delicate, soft and comfortable

  • Shecup leaves no room for any leakage and hence there is no risk of stains
  • It allows the user to wear the clothes as desired since this is worn inside the body
  • It allows the user to take up any physical activity of their choice

Shecup helps you save money

Shecup is durable and permits long-time use, considerably reducing recurring cost to users

ECO-FRIENDLY Shecup protects the environment as well

  • Commercial sanitary pads are non-biodegradable. They take hundreds of years to decompose and while burning them toxic gases are released in the atmosphere
  • The manufacturing process of pads/tampons adds to pollution and also results in the depletion of natural resources like wood while on the other hand the manufacturing process for a menstrual cup, like Shecup, is simpler than that of other commercial menstrual sanitary products, and is thereby less harmful to the environment
  • Shecup menstrual cup is also reusable and recyclable thereby reducing consumption and waste.


• Lower costs and reduces landfill waste significantly. Some cups are designed for a long-term use (several years) providing a significant cost savings over tampons and pads. Since you can reuse them, there’s much less waste to clog up the landfills and fewer trees sacrificed to make the paper-based alternatives. However, keep in mind that some cups are designed to be disposable. Make sure that you read the box label carefully before buying if you want to purchase a reusable one.
• Less embarrassing odor. You won’t have to worry about the embarrassing menstrual odor wafting out at the most inopportune times, since the fluid doesn’t get exposed to air as it does with pads and tampons.
• Fewer visits to the pharmacy. Even if you replace your cup once a year, you’ll still make much fewer trips to the pharmacy than you would if you used the disposable paper-based methods.
• More time between changes. You would usually need to change tampons every four to eight hours, depending on flow. But with the menstrual cup you can go up to 12 hours before emptying.
• Intercourse is possible with the cup perfectly placed. It’s really a personal choice whether you choose to remove it first or not.
• Easy to use. Anyone who has used tampons, especially the kind that comes today without applicators, should have little trouble learning how to insert a menstrual cup. If you’ve ever used a diaphragm for birth control, you’ll have much less trouble learning how to use your new cup. Simply fold it so that it looks like a tampon, aim it toward the back of the vagina and give a delicate little push. It would actually draw itself up. When inserted properly, you wouldn’t feel its presence at all. Don’t think twice buy she cup online in India from Shycart.

How to use Shecup?

Making the change to another menstrual product is now much easier than you may think. Using this menstrual cup is very similar to using tampons, just with improved health benefits – no irritation, no chemicals and no drying out. Please do read the instructions that come along with your Menstrual Cup prior to use as each cup would have its own suggested methods of usage, as per their design. It is easy to insert or remove and takes only few seconds to wear or remove and becomes simpler with repeated use. Always clean your menstrual cup before first use. Wash your hands with a gentle soap and water. Rinse your hands thoroughly, and then rinse your cup under water as it’s easier to tuck in when wet. You can use a water-based lubricant if you are a first-time user or if you prefer.

Please find below the step by step procedure:

• Read the instructions carefully accompanying your choice of menstrual cup. Read over the pamphlets that usually come with your cup until you feel comfortable to go ahead. Also see the wikiHow on cleaning a menstrual cup for directions on keeping it clean and hygienic. And if you don't have a menstrual cup already, shop with us at shycart on buying a menstrual cup & on picking out the right cup for you.

• Try inserting the cup the first time slowly and cautiously as most users do not get the hang of it until after a couple of tries. Also, although you would be tempted to do a dry run while you're not on your period, you really shouldn't because it's generally more lubricated and your cervix may be in a different position while you're menstruating. So for the first time, ensure that it is during your period.

• Practice different folds. The C fold shown on the instruction manual isn't the best technique for many women. Usually, when you use the C fold, the widest part of the cup is just at the beginning. Another fold (there are many to choose from) is the punch-down fold. To make this fold, place your finger delicately on the rim of the cup, and push it down into the cup.

• Ensure that you wash your hands with soap and rinse the cup with water to remove any dust or dirt from your hands and the cup. The first time you use it, it must be boiled as well. Soap should never be in contact with a menstrual cup.

• Stay relaxed and make sure not to tense your pelvic muscles. This makes it painful or difficult to insert the cup. Your pelvic muscles are the ones you use generally to stop and start peeing. Practice loosening and tightening these muscles so you will be able to relax them during insertion. Be patient; the first time insertion is always the hardest, so don't give up if you're having trouble initially but do take a break if you become overly frustrated.

• Get yourself into a comfortable position. You might want to try inserting the cup while over the toilet or you can also try squatting down in the tub or shower; or standing and putting one leg on the edge of the toilet or tub; or putting your back against a wall and getting into a squat position; or lying down on the floor with your knees up and legs apart.

• Now try to find your cervix. Stick a finger inside your vagina and feel for your cervix, which feels like the tip of your nose. This is a small, squishy nub with an indentation in the middle. Aiming the cup in the direction of your cervix will help you. This way you avoid accidentally poking your cervix with the cup, or taking up space in the cup with your cervix. If you can't find your cervix, this probably means it's very high and in this case your cervix probably won't cause any problems. If you would rather opt not to do this then aim the cup towards the small of your back.

• Next is to insert the cup. Firstly fold the cup and then hold it with one hand (stem facing downwards). Spread apart your labia and look for the opening of your vagina with your other hand. Now push the cup in delicately at about a 45 degree angle towards your pubic bone, not straight up. The cup should slowly pop open. Continue to push the cup in until sits perfectly and is comfortable.

• Ensure that the cup is fully open. You would have heard or felt a "pop." This is a sign that the cup has just opened. Else reach up and feel around the base of the cup. This should be round or at least oval. If it has not opened, you can open it manually with your hand. You can also reach up with a finger and press part of the vaginal wall out of the way in order that air travels up and fills the cup. You may feel much more comfortable with the cup closer to your cervix .When it is in place, you may want to try to pull it gently down, to make sure the vacuum has been made (that's what the little holes are for) - this is part of what holds the cup securely.

• Wait until twelve hours. If you have a heavy flow, you will have to empty it more frequently, because this is the maximum recommended time. For your first cycle with a cup, you'll have to do a bit of experimenting to find out how long you can wear your cup before leaking. (Initially It's a good idea to wear a backup panty liner; cloth panty liners are always a good reusable option.)

• Next is to remove the cup. Firstly bear down with your muscles so the cup will travel down farther. Continue doing this until you reach the stem. Wiggle the cup back and forth and down delicately. Get a better grip on the base not just the stem of the cup and continue to pull it out. Pinching the base slowly helps to break the vacuum and makes it easier to remove the cup. When you get to the opening of your vagina make sure that you take it out upright to reduce spillage. If the rim of the cup seems too wide to remove comfortably, use a finger to fold the cup into a C fold or a punch-down fold before you take it out of your vagina.

• Now rinse the cup with water. To clear the suction holes of menstrual fluid, slowly bend the cup at the suction holes under the water. You may also fill the cup with water, cover the opening with your palm, and squeeze the cup to squirt water out the holes-- keep clear! Dry your cup if it feels too slippery (although the water and slipperiness may help you out) before reinsertion.

• The most important part is to learn how to clean the cup. You can boil the cup by using sterilizing tablets, swab it down with rubbing alcohol, or choose from some other methods. See wikiHow's instructions on how to clean a menstrual cup for directions to choose the method that works best for you.

What is the best menstrual cup for beginners?

SheCup is the most popular and the best for the first-time menstrual cup users. Shecup is the number one ranked brand in menstrual cups in India.

Menstrual Cup Sizing and Selection

Shecup comes in two different sizes like L (Larger) size and a Standard size whereas other brands of the menstrual cup have a S (smaller) and an L (larger) sizes menstrual cup. The smaller size is normally recommended for women under 30 and the larger size is normally recommended for women who are over 30 or have an unusually heavy flow. The menstrual cups with the S (smaller) size diameter are recommended for teenagers as well as women and girls who are physically more fit as those with stronger pelvic floor muscles may find a larger cup uncomfortable. Length also needs to be considered. If a female's cervix sits particularly low, she may want to use a shorter cup. Capacity is important to women who have a heavier flow. However, all of the menstrual cups currently available have a larger capacity than a regular tampon. A final consideration in selecting a menstrual Shecup is firmness or flexibility. A firmer cup pops open more easily and smoothly after insertion and may hold a more consistent seal against the vaginal wall but many women find softer cups more comfortable.

How long can this cup be used?

This Menstrual Shecup can be used up to 10 years. It has to be sterilized every 8-12 hours depending upon the flow. The advantage of the menstrual cup over napkins and tampons.

Well as seen above you would have noticed that the first and foremost advantage that menstrual cup evidently has over sanitary napkins and tampons is the amount of money spent over buying these napkins and tampons over a period of 8 to 10 years which is exorbitant when compared to the one-time investment in a SheCup. Also menstrual cup is healthier for the vaginal environment than using tampons. Tampons absorb all the vaginal moisture, including secretions that are needed to maintain the proper pH and beneficial bacteria. The cups collect menstrual flow and allow the vagina to regulate its own moisture levels. The bleaching process many tampons undergo can produce trace amounts of dioxin, a suspected carcinogen—although whether this causes health problems has not yet been firmly established. In some medical cases, when a woman needs to know how much menstrual fluid she is expelling for medical reasons, a cup can allow her to tell more accurately. Apart from being eco-friendly, they’re evidently also more convenient, more hygienic and most cost-effective.

Menstrual Cup - Shecup Standard Size Features:

Material Non-Toxic Non-Allergic Silicone
Colours Light Pink
Sizes Standard and L sizes
Size Dimensions (+/- 0.05mm)  
Length (Including Knob) 59.5 mm
Length (Without Knob) 54 mm
Diameter (Rim – External across the top) 44 mm
Fluid Holding Capacity (Approximate)  
Up to the air holes 16 ml
Up to the rim 28 ml


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Menstrual Cup Shecup online in India

Menstrual cup - shecup - Reviews

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Awesome service -
Awesome service
Great product -
This product is a woman's best friend. I am very happy I switched to this. I encourage all women to try the cup, you will not be disappointed. I have not had any unfortunate incident in these 3 years I have been using it. Also, I was very surprised with the quick delivery on Shycart. Kudos !
Wonderful Experience -
Wonderful Experience
Satisfied -
Very quick delivery. Satisfied with the service. Thank you.
Excellent -
Useful product -
Excellent customer service and timely delivery
Amazing -
thank u for letting me discover new things!
Amazing product ! -
Everything is good.
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Going to Use she cup first time, if satisfied, will recommend to others...
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Amazing product!...I had a great experience. thank you!
Great work -
Great work. Keep it up
Satisfied -
Good experience -
Good experience
Excellent service -
The service was speedy
Wonderful Experience -
Very efficient and reliable service which I plan to use again
Good product -
Good product
Highly Satisfied -
I'm highly satisfied with your services, the fast delivery. And I have referred you to a lot of people I know. Thank you for your services.
satisfied -
Surprised -
I was surprised to get it delivered within 48 hours. Although I am excited to try the cup..i, however, suggest u don't market your product with explanations like the courier will be discreet..or the product name won't be mentioned or it will avoid the embarrassment of purchasing it at a physical store. The world and its people are fast changing. Its high time we change the myth and typical mindsets when it comes to pads, tampon, menstrual cups or even condoms for that matter. Ur product is good and it will find a place in the market, but it's disheartening to see it marketed with the above-stated examples. While trying to bring a sustainable and environmental change, u are also encouraging the consumers to be ok with being shy or discreet while discussing or talking about this product..which should change.
Good -
Best product -
First time I used this. very comfortable cup to use...very soft even don't feel like your period are going on...No stress...feel free sleep at night can use it while sleeping as well...
Super quality product -
I'm very happy with it...No more period tension. I have now stopped using pads altogether...I would recommended to every women...
wonderful service.. -
I had a pleasant experience shopping with shycart. the product i bought is not available in stores yet, so i could purchase it directly from the producer, but seemed like shycart had easier payment options, so i used this service. thanks
Keep it up! -
Keep it up!
absolutely good -
absolutely good
Feeling happy :-) -
very happy with the product and the whole experience thank you
Fantastic experience...! -
Happy with the shopping experience
Everything is good -
Interesting concept. Hoping for a wider range of products in future.
Super -
Good quality...very soft....comfortable to use...Everything is good...very happy with the product :)
Fantastic experience...! -
Life changing. Worth trying. I've been using this for last 8 months now....A true alternative to tampons and sanitary napkins. Its is a fantastic product. No infections. Completely sustainable. Amazing product!
Feeling happy :-) -
I would like to share my experience... Fantastic experience!......When I used it for the first time, it worked well. The first time I felt discomfort with little doubt I went to the office. To my surprise, there was no leakage at all. But on the second it started to leak. So I went back to pads. Next month just I tried it again. This time No leakage or discomfort. Then only I realized my mistake. I didn't insert it properly last time. While inserting, will fold it and insert then have to check whether the fold is released. If it is not released properly, it will start to leak. This time I checked it properly and no leakage at all. No pain while inserting or removing. Just think that it is your own body and you have to take care it properly. You can use it for 8-10hrs depending upon your flow. Just cut the tail (not fully) so that you won't feel that it is there inside you. I am sure that I won't go back to sanitary pads. It was a fantastic experience to use SheCup because of its super quality which is very very soft, Zero leakage, environment-friendly and cleaning is very easy. Value for money..! Unbelievable experience... Really it's an amazing product...! I would recommend this to all who are still using pads and especially for young mothers, you can concentrate on your baby rather than your pads.
Amazing product ! -
Really its an amazing product. Product quality is good. Actually my periods are heavy on second and third days even heavy flow sanitary pads and tampons also can not hold for more than 2 hours. with this cup i'm hazel free for 6 hours. For normal periods it can with stand for 8-12 hours i think. If u can learn the technique of opening it after insertion, Its amazing product. I'm pretty much satisfied. Been using it for the past 3 months. Way more comfortable than sanitary pads. No leakage, no pain, easy to use, easy to carry, environment friendly, doesn't dig a hole in your pocket. Kudos to the people who invented it. Should be advertised and made available to all women.
Awesome! -
It is my first experience using a menstrual cup Shecup..... It's totally a life changing product....It was great using Shecup easy to insert and remove...Thank you Shecup for giving me a such freedom of life. I love it... Now I enjoying my periods and sure recommend to all my friends...
Satisfied -
I am very satisfied with your service and I love your concept of privacy as you send your product as if it is coming from a different place without having the name Shycart.
Awesome! -
This was the first time I bought from Shykart and I was very happy with my experience and the service on the site.
Good product -
very happy with the product and the whole experience thank you
Great experience -
Had a great experience with the swift delivery of product. The She cup is definitely awesome. Wish more people were aware of its benefits and usage. More awareness of the cup is required for a more eco-friendly environment.
Fantastic Experience! -
Product fantastic!
Good experience -
Good service. Will use again
Good -
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The services are very good. Especially I was feeling embarrassed to by the product in physical store. Here with simple steps I got the required product.
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Keep up the great work.
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Super quality. :)
Good product -
Very good service. Received my order well ahead of the delivery date. Items were beautifully packaged. Very happy.
Totally awesome!!! -
Super product...No stress, less mess, less hassle. This works perfectly for my lifestyle!
Excellent product -
Excellent product
Life changing cup :) -
This is my first experience using a menstrual cup...Unbelievable experience... Amazing product!..Super quality....!
No stress & No risk! Amazing product -
Very good product & comfortable to use. I wish I had known about it earlier! I took away cramps and it is Eco friendly. Every women should use it. It stops sanitary pollution. No need of carrying extra pads & tampons and headache. Menstrual Cup is an zero leakage, Excellent product, amazing freedom during periods!!!. I wonder why these people do not advertise better.
Good -
Excellent quality -
Good quality and very comfortable, eco-friendly. I have been using a menstrual cup for last eight month. I like soo much. I will never go back. It has taken a whole lot of stress out of my life. Thanks to Shycart.
Truly Liberating -
One of the best products I've used till date. I never knew about the cup until I saw a video explaining different alternatives to sanitary pads. I had used tampons before, but never was comfortable and switched back to pads. It was with some apprehension I ordered the shecup. Within a day I got to know the feeling of being free. Dealing with PCOS, I have erratic periods which stretch to 15-20 days at a time and using pads such long is literally hell down there. Shecup is a blessing to me. Ordering one from shycart was very hassle free and delivery was very fast. Thank you very much.
Superb -
It's totally a life-changing product...Understood the meaning of freedom...
freedom -
I'm surprised this product and this method of hygiene are n't being popularised in India. I also don't know about this product two years ago. My friend told me about this. After I read about Shecup. Then I was able to understand the value of this product. Then I found Google and bought from Shycart. I'm using the Shecup for 2 years now. It won't be exaggerating if I say I have found freedom in the real sense. In the last two years, I've been able to do everything like swimming, jogging and yoga, bike riding during my periods. Freedom from expensive pads, sleepless nights, constant changing, discomfort and spotting! I have never been able to do this before becoz of my problem is heavy periods of first five days. I'm glad and contributing to the environment because of sanitary pads are n't properly disposed of in the garbage even if we segregate the garbage at our end. There is a learning curve involved and it would be best if first-time users use a SheCup or Divacup. It is softer. However, the Shecup is better suited for those with an active lifestyle. Watch lots of videos to know how to use it. Make sure you buy the suitable size and most important stay relaxed when you insert it. Please spread the word about menstrual cups, not just this brand but other good brands too because it will really help all women, this is especially for young mothers.
fast delivery -
Good quality. fast delivery time.
Excellent -
SheCup is the best alternative to plastic pads. Two years before I came to know about it, then I decided to buy a menstrual cup. But I had a lot of confusion because lots of brands are available in online. Since I don't know about those brands, I read a lot of reviews & blogs about it. Almost all reviews were positive about SheCup and one of my friends told me that SheCup is the number one brand in India and its manufactured in India. Finally, I bought Menstrual SheCup online from Super quality. Thanks to Shycart
Nice -
Product range is nice
Excellent -
Your delivery speed is amazingly swift and very thoughtful packaging, very discreet and neat. Keep up the good work.
Good product -
Good product
Good product! -
The menstrual cup was not available in my city so it was really nice to find it available here and the best part was that nobody could guess what I ordered. Thanks a lot.
Fantastic -
Amazing product....! I'm telling the whole world!....I can't believe that I didn't know about something like this before. This is a great alternative to plastic pads. Now I feel so happy with it and I find it more comfortable than pads ...
Very helpful product -
I have bought this SheCup recently. Used it!! Excellent product...It really does change the way u deal with periods. And I extremely happy and satisfied with the product. It stops sanitary pollution. I wish I would have used it before. So comfortable, no tension and eco-friendly substitute for regular sanitary pads. It has changed my life. For heavy flow use pad along with this cup. Definitely, recommend it to everyone.
Super Quality! -
I know about menstrual cup about 7 years ago in India. I used the brand of SHECUP from past 6 years but then last year I accidentally burnt it. I was amazed to find a product on Shycart here in Chennai. This Shecup was even better than the one I bought moon cup. Now, I am using SHECUP from last 1 year. Product quality is good. Really it's an amazing product. Was delivered on time. Very satisfied with the product... It is an essential product for every woman. I highly recommend it. I wish menstrual cups were advertised so that more women can take advantage of this product!!!
A great product, and eco-friendly!:) -
It is wonderful! I bought the shecup with a lot of hesitation, not knowing whether I'd ever be able to switch from being a pad user to a silicone cup. After a month or two of trial and error, I managed to get the hang of the shecup, and now have recommended this to my friends and family. :)
Superb! Woow -
Amazing amazing amazing.... Very much satisfied. Its very easy to use...I saw you tube video just to know the proper insertion technique ..and that's it ...very vert superb product
Excellent customer service and great -
This was my first time trying a Shecup and I had a fantastic experience. The cup came super quality and customer service was extremely helpful and the Shecup were well made and very soft, Zero leakage. Service was quick and prompt.I highly recommend.
A Must Have! -
Amazing product! Would recommend for all those who would want to make a shift. It's worth a try. Easy to use, though it might take you some time to figure it out, but super easy once you get the hang of it; for me it was the third time. There are absolutely no leakages, once its set properly and you don't feel it at all.
Very useful -
Say goodbye to sanitary pads. Amazing product. Love it!!! Thank goodness I discovered this. Its a very good one just needs a bit of practice. And it's super comfortable. This changes everything. I really want to promote this or similar products because it is cost effective, environment-friendly and it's just a one-time investment. Superb!!!Recommending to all ladies. Totally!!!!
Feeling really comfortable -
SheCup really leaks proof. I am mother of two Childs both delivered normally. I tried SheCup, it's really working and am feeling comfortable. I would recommend this to all who are still using pads.
Good -
Excellent product.
No need to worry about your period... -
I am using a menstrual Shecup for 6 months. Now I say I have found freedom in the real sense. In the last Six months, i have been able to do things like bike riding, yoga, jogging and swimming during my periods and I have never been able to do this before because of my problem of heavy periods. Freedom from expensive pads, sleepless nights, constant changing and spotting, discomfort. I am very surprised this product and this method of hygiene is not being popularised in India. I am glad I am contributing to the environment because sanitary pads are not properly disposed of in the garbage even if we segregate the garbage at our end. If first time users use a SheCup as it is very softer. However, the Shecup is better suited for those with an active lifestyle. Watch lots of videos to know how to use it. Value for money..! unbelievable experience...Make sure You buy this cup and most important stay relaxed when you insert it. Please spread the word about menstrual cups, because it will really help other women...
Surprising Product -
Value for money..! unbelievable experience... Cleans easily. works very well product. I have to use this for the first time and can't believe. Extremely easy to use, I don't feel it at all. Only need to change and clean in the morning and night. It is a wonderful product! I have never felt so free and comfortable during my period!
Freedom start! -
Must have for all Females...It is a wonderful product! You can do your work, like another normal day. No need to worry about your period. And sleep in any position. SheCup is the best menstrual hygiene product I have ever used. No leakage and No bloodstains. It is eco-friendliness and very easy to use and never felt that I am in my periods when it comes to the heavy flow day I used to be very nervous because of changing the pad. It gave me the freedom of life not to scare about heavy flow days we can easily sleep all the night without any tension there is no other problem with this cup when you insert perfectly. It is very soft. The totally very good product, absolutely love it. Recommend it to every woman.
Super..! -
Very good product.
Great quality product -
Amazing freedom during periods, zero leakage. Shipping was much faster than expected and Well packed. The quality of everything I have ever ordered has been great. I will continue to order from Shycart & recommend it to everyone...
Surprising product...! -
I was surprised how quickly it arrived from India, I had ordered something the SAME DAY that I ordered the SheCup from Shycart, and the SheCup arrived days before my purchase from Shycart. I really enjoy the SheCup, it's really easy to use, with something a little softer or smaller, cost-effective, and it's environmentally friendly. The cup was packaged nicely, it comes with really nice wipes, and the storage bag seems fine to me. Overall it seems to work really great. I have already recommended the SheCup to my sis and friends.
Good cup -
Great cup.i was using a softer cup.which used to be difficult to insert.this cup is firm easy to use.easily pop opens
Beautiful solution for heavy flow... -
I am over 27years. I am a dancer, a mother of a 3-year-old baby and also I suffer from heavy flow. I used to take heavy pad during the overnight and can not sleep properly. The anxiety of leaking was always hunting me. When I said to my friend. She told menstrual cup is the best solution for this problem so I purchased SHECUP from Shycart. Now I am very happy, It's made my happiest life. Really happy that I purchased this one. Thanks to Shycart.
No fear..! -
Every woman should buy SheCup and use it. Just need to little bit practice using it initially. Very good product, Easy to carry, So comfortable, maintain and handle. I went to the water theme park and had fun sliding on all kinds of rides during my periods. I am happy that I don't let rack pickers, especially little children, touch my blood stained pads and for not burdening mother earth. "STRONGLY RECOMMEND" to especially mothers with small babies, you can concentrate on your baby rather than your pads.... GO GREEN ! Thanks to Shycart...!
Zero leakage...! -
I was using SheCup, this cup found very smooth, no leakage, eco-friendly, high quality and more soft than pads happy to have a new brand with a price advantage. This is the best female hygiene measure. Perfect for my period thanks to Shycart, I am very satisfied with it and definitely recommend it to everyone.
SheCup! -
Actually, bought it for my wife. We were reading about the menstrual cup and reviews from Shycart. she wanted to order one and try. Now, my wife really happy, and she said amazing Brilliant product!! Environmental friendly, it's very comfortable and tension free!!! and She said good by to sanitary pads! Mainly helping your place clean from used sanitary pads!...
Happy with my purchase! -
Product quality is Excellent. Amazing freedom during periods, zero leakage!! I am 27yrs old and tried the Shecup, It's my second month of use. I am a heavy bleeder on days 2 & 3 hence this cup does not leak up to 8hrs. On other 3 days holds for 12hrs. It's very easy to use and remove. its eco-friendly nature & very soft. I am highly impressed with it. Delivered on time, Thanks to Shycart.
Splendid!!!! -
I have always had problems with tampons not working for the length of time that I needed them to; the She cup definitely trumps all other feminine products! I'm such an advocate! Eco-friendly, soo much softer compare to pads, i can use the cup before started my period. i have absolutely no problem with it. Hope you try it out! I'm telling to all my friendz...
My first Menstrual Cup experience! -
I have a menstrual cup because I'm working in the hospital so can't change the pads every 3-4hrs and I have a heavy flow of first 3 days. So I searched the solution of this problem. When I saw the menstrual cup online on Shycart. I collected my first menstrual cup is the SheCup, from Shycart. I can use before my period started. I happy with my first Menstrual Cup...
It's excellent! Life changing! -
It was amazing. I no longer need to worry about my period at school because the cup can stay in longer than a tampon. No discomfort or worries about leaking, nicer to deal with than pads or tampons. It changed the way I feel about my period. It's very soft, eco-friendly and easy to clean. It's worth.
Would Never go BACK to tampons! -
I love my She cup! it's changed my life. I love that I can go 12 hours in between emptying. Compared to changing pads every 3-4hrs. I can run with it comfortably. I would never go back to using tampons. I don't have to worry about changing it at all during the day - so good. Would definitely recommend it.
It works perfect!! -
First, I want to say, thanks to Shycart. Many girls prefer to use the pad, few of us have experience with it. Due to the traditional concept, most of the girls don't like put stuff in their body. When I know about the Menstrual Cup, I was very interested in it. I hope it can free me from the pad. And, I also want to swim when I am in the period. After researching, I decided to buy She cup. I'm extremely very happy to use this She cup. I decided to give it to my mother to try it out. She completely loves it. She's never heard of it before and wonders why she's been missing out for so long. It works for me.
Every women should be buy -
I am so glad I have this cup a try. I have really strong periods and had to change tampons so many times a day. This was really annoying at work and it's gross having to change them at public toilets etc. For me, this has been a life changer! and has made my the period so much more convenient. I am so happy and I would highly recommend anyone to try it.
Definitely worth -
I love She cup! it's such a game changer. I have left it in for 12 hours at a time. This is the best, compared to changing tampons every 4hrs. I can run with it comfortably. Easy to clean and no worries about leaking, Would definitely recommend it.
Best solution for heavy flow -
My flow is very inconsistent, some days are really heavy and some are super light and there's just no way for me to predict when that will be so I would sometimes remove a tampon after several hours that was nowhere near saturated, that would irritate the tissues and feel very uncomfortable. I also would often feel tampons while wearing them and hated it. I also can't stand pads because they feel like a hot, sweaty sauna down there. So I thought I was stuck with tampons.Thankfully one day I decided to ask Google if there were alternative options. When I discovered the menstrual cup from Shycart. I only wish I had known about it sooner!!! I don’t think I will ever go back to pads.
I Luv She Cup! -
I have had the menstrual cup for one whole day. I am never going back. I have a terrible period. It is so heavy that I had to wear overnight pads all the time and I still had leaks and was changing them every other hour. With the menstrual cup, no leaks! I slept all night without a problem! Today is going to be a good day thanks to the Menstrual cup.
Got Wonderful Life! -
I have bought the cup from this website and used it. I found it very hygienic, comfortable and economic too. Great product...!
Best cup for Menstrual time -
I have used my She Cup twice now and I love it. I first bought one when my age 18yrs old. It took a couple of years for me to be totally comfortable with it. I appreciate, no “smell” and no leakage. And I wish I had known about it earlier. I really like it for that of the reason. Particularly, I can wear it with confidence that I will not have blood leaking on clothing or sheets, etc. and can wear it swimming and no more messy disposables, tampons and pads and also. I feel It was reduced menstrual cramps. I like the SheCup. And by the way, I only changed it before work at home and then again after work when I get home. Thanks for the Shycart website.
No pain!, No Stress! -
I have been using a menstrual cup for several months and I will never go back. It has taken a whole lot of stress out of my life. I can leave the house without thinking about whether I am ‘prepared’ or not and I don’t have to watch the clock, thinking about it all the time and making sure I have access to a washroom because I only need to change it in the morning and in the evening. And for a somewhat absent-minded person, this is of ultimate importance. It was definitely worth it. It is very MUCH cheaper on Shycart.
Fanatic of this Menstrual cup -
Honestly the best menstrual cup. I have 7 days of heavy flow soo I'm very tried to change the pads/cotton bag every 4 hrs. For that, I searched the solution of this. When I got she cup from Shycart. I can't even feel this cup it is inserted. I left it in for 12 hrs and no leaking. Left in for 12 hrs, took it out this morning at 6:00 am and it didn't leak and wasn't very hard to get out. Let it dry and inserted it with No problem!!! Very softer.
Prefect -
I am using Menstrual She Cup. Now for the first time. It's more comfortable and flexible, something a little softer. Overall it seems to work really great. I love it!
Amazing -
Wish I had used it earlier!
Amazing product!!!! -
Easily, I say goodbye to the bloody carcinogenic sanitary pads. She cup is an excellent product! I'm very happy with it. Can be used for more than 12hrs continuously, No leakage. It saves so much money from buying expensive disposable pads. Also is so eco-friendly & extremely comfortable to use. It is hygienic, reusable, cost effective. It works well. Every woman needs to own and it just makes life so much easier.
Best cup for a starter -
Really amazing to use a menstrual cup. It has changed my life. It's clean, sanitary, no risk of TSS, economical, and environment-friendlyalso! There is no garbage and these cups a reusable up to 12 years. Benefits:1. It is a soft cup.2. Can leave it in longer, at least 8 hours safely3. Can sleep without a care of staining.4. No more rashes if you got sensitive skin and no foul odours.5. Can change one anywhere as long as you got a washbasin and water supply. No disposal issues.
Awesome!! -
I Love menstrual Shecup. I have two She cups online from Shycart and used the She Cup. I really enjoy the SheCup, this is really easy to use, very comfortable and flexible, cost-effective, and it's environmentally friendly. Easy to clean the cup, and does not retain smells. The She cup was packaged nicely and quick delivery. Thanks to Shycart's packing team. I have already recommended the SheCup to my friends.
Fabulous.... -
Am so happy to say that am a proud owner of she cup. All the women's out there must try this....
Excellent -
Feeling very comfort on using this product, for all my friends I am suggesting it. Hopefully volunteers will come
Ms -
I wear it on heavy days and no wet feeling.I could sleep with the cup and not even have to wear an undergarment ,can you believe the freedom.
A must have! -
One can barely feel the cup. Inside once you get used to wetness feeling.. Can be super care free :) I love it and I keep telling anyone who is interested about it! I'm so glad I'm using one:)
Great product! This is my first time buying a menstrual cup and I am loving this. Although insertion and processes were difficult for me too, I researched and retried several times. Once done with all that, that product is just smooth as a sailor. And leaves you tension free. I am never going back to tampons again.
excellent -
easy to use and very comfortable.
very comfortable -
very easy to use..... i forget my painful days......and happy to say friends that its Eco-friendly also.
Ms -
There is nothing like it .. U just have to give sometime .. Its a blessing for all women.
Fabulous! A must-buy! -
Prompt delivery and neat packaging. Initially I had some trouble with using the product but then I chatted with the online expert and she also further guided me. Finally after watching the video and couple of tries I managed to figure out its working. And now I am wondering why I waited this long!! Talk about total liberation! I can hardly even feel it is inside me. So much more convenient than using pads... and environment friendly too. Absolutely life-changing ... love it. Will recommend it to any woman!
Fantastic buy!! -
Every girl should have one of these. Very comfortable, easy to wash and re-use. Comes with a cotton cloth bag for storing. You need to get the hang of how to insert and remove the cup, but once you do, there's no going back to pads or tampons. It's good for the environment, good for your body! Definitely recommend it
Excellent -
I started using the menstrual cup as it is environment friendly. Now I am so happy with it and I find it more comfortable than pads and there I times when I wonder I am wearing it or not !
Very girl needs one of these! -
Great product made from medical grade silicone. A great alternative to plastic pads. Much better for the environment and for your health. Definitely recommend that you make the switch!
Satisfied -
I'm a fan! -
I absolutely love it and i'm telling the whole world! I can not believe that I didn't know about something like this before. Zero wet stinky feeling that pads give you and unlike tampons,you don't have to change the size based on flow.
Great resource -
Thank you very much for the very thoughtful website. Although I am personally not embarrassed about purchasing your carried products in person, I can see how your website provides a great resource and really helps out folk who might feel this way in a store. Appreciate the smooth and easy transaction with you guys!
Amazing -
Wonderful Experience -
Wonderful Experience
Loved it -
Eco friendly. Easy to use and wash. I had some trouble removing it but after a while you figure out.
excellent -
U can barely feel it! n unbelievably easy to use!
Every woman should have one. -
Works well for allergic persons.
Satisfied -
it works wonders

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