Buy Durex Feel Thin Condoms Online at Rs.180 | shycart
Buy Durex Feel Thin Condoms Online at Rs.180 | shycart
Durex Feel Thin Condoms - 10s
Durex Feel Thin Condoms - 10s
Durex Feel Thin Condoms - 10s

Durex Feel Thin Condoms - 10s

Brand: Durex

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Durex Extra Thin Condoms 10s (Formerly Durex Feel Thin Condoms). This thin feel condom guarantees the user with greater sensitivity and secures safeguard synchronously. Slim condoms convey the feeling of no condom at all because it is materialized with a Super-Thin layer. These thinnest condoms in the rubber latex range of condoms are transparent and naturally lubricated. This condom is straight walled and teat ended for a luxury fit. To guarantee well being, different tests are performed using the raw materials and just the best is permitted in. Substantial intimacy is an involvement that gives most excellent joy while playing it in safe. Desiring a condom that has a texture almost like another skin, these Durax Feel Thin latex condoms are a flawless match.


Recently, Durex company has renamed the Durex Feel Thin condom as the Durex Extra Thin Condom so the Durex Extra Thin Condoms and Durex Feel Thin condoms both are the same product.

How does Feel-Thin condom feel alike?

Durex Super Feel Thin condom brings the appropriate feel of wearing nothing. Disregarding the way that extra thin feel condoms are closest to wearing nothing in any case, it gives the same condition of comfort and protection, they're mainly constructed to be less demanding and contributes to smooth fitness and better feeling amidst sex. The outstanding way which makes Durex Thin Feel condoms implies is that there is no irritating diversion.
Condom Dimensions: Depth X Width X Height (in mm): 21.91 X 64.11 X 67.22,
Net quantity: 10 condoms,
Width : 53+/- 2 mm,
Length: 180mm(min).

Where can I buy Durax extra thin feel condoms?

This condom gets the appreciation as the thinnest condom in the world, Durex superthin condom is one of the topmost looked condoms online and it is marginally one of the topmost offering condoms. This condom is very much lubricated besides good with individual lubricants. It is perfectly and appealingly stuffed. This slim condom is available in India both in stores and on the web. As per examination, the dominant part of women favour condoms which are more ultra thin. These condoms make them feel more comfortable with a genuine skin kind of touch.

How to use this condom:

Ensure the reservoir at the tip of the condom is indicating in the exact direction before embedding it on. Squeeze the tip to let out air, and tenderly roll it down. On the off chance that anything turns out badly, make sure to start over with a new condom! Use silicone or water based lubricant during intercourse to overcome dryness, even with lubricated condoms. Using a Play Lube from Durex with condoms can enhance sex. All Play Lubes from Durex is condom safe, unlike oil based lubricants which can harm condoms.

Thin condoms vs regular condoms:

Enhance the intimacy of your intimate moments with the Durex Super Thin condoms. These condoms with their super-thin latex layer guarantee a sleek feel and elevated sensitivity while providing the same level of reassurance and protection as a normal condom.


For single use only. On the off chance that, used properly, Durex condoms can diminish the danger of transmission of HIV (AIDs) and numerous other Sexual Transmitted Infections (STI). However, no technique for contraception can give you 100% protection against pregnancy, HIV or STI. Dermatologically tested. The extraordinary way which makes Durex condoms is that they smell better so there are no unpleasant distractions, you can just relax and enjoy. For ideal security, the product should be placed in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.

Durex Ultra Feel Thin reviews:

Best condom for him and her for intercourse Naturally feels more sensitive.
The best extra time condom provides the long-lasting experience for the couple.
One of the best condom to use, which has been pre-lubricated on the reservoir (tip).

Do thin condoms feel better?

Yes, obviously these love sex natural rubber latex condom feels thin while wearing and using, i.e. looks like a second skin to the private part.

Durex Extra Thin / Feel Thin Condom - Infographic

Feel thin condom reviews

Durex Feel Thin Condoms - 10s - Reviews

5 / 5





Work as expeted. -
Excellent quality product.
Its really thin and do not feel anything enclosed -
The lube used on the outer portion of the rubber is far better than other brands. Personally I do not use or prefer flavored ones as there is always a risk of having infection.
Great service -
Really quick delivery. Great service overall.
Excellent -
Super product for first time...I won't feel like wearing condom...
Good product -
good product
Good -
Good product -
experience was good.
Awesome! -
Awesome! -
Awsome product...Really nice...It gives natural feeling...Nice experience...
Amazing product ! -
Super thin...Amazing experience..
Quality Product -
Awesome feel...Nice product... :)
Excellent -
fantastic! -
ultimate product... fantastic...
Very satisfying service -
Very satisfying service.going to order again.hope you will keep up your reputation
Highly Satisfied -
Highly Satisfied with Product, Shipment & Avoiding the embarrassment of Purchasing at physical Store.
Amazing -
Nice quality and excellent service by shycart
Excellent service -
Excellent service,delivered nicely
Good Service. -
Good Service.
Satisfied -
Fully satisfied with your services
Excellent service -
The service end to end was very discreet helped me avoid going to retail shops. Your website is very convenient and user friendly. Bookmarked forever.
Nice -
Excellent service -
u have proved that 100% privacy is guaranteed..thank you so much
Great. -
Very thin -
Swift n discrete! Thanks
great shycart -
Its really great to shop with Shycart as the delivery is very fast as well as very discreet too.
Thanks a lot! -
Lived up to expectations overall. Thanks.
Excellent -
Very nice experience with shycart. Packaging was simply good and the product is also nice.
super -
very thinnest condom. super quality...very good product..
good service. -
Very innovative and good service.
Good -
Exceptional service.
super -
Discrete Packaging. Privacy well maintained. Happy with the quick service delivery.
perfect -
Delivery time, customer service and packing were all good.
Nice quality... -
Best product very thin and smooth... also fast delivery with excellent privacy packing.
Superb -
very smooth...Awesome!
Highly recommended -
Highly recommended
Simply Awesome -
Simply Awesome and 100% privacy service
good -
Awesome Product -
Great Product! fast delivery! Value of money, No details mentioned on the package...Feel thin and it is thin and durable... Worth money.... I would recommend to others...
Good product on Shycart -
Very very thin. It is safe all time sex. Very comfortable and lubricated. It gives a natural feeling, best deal...!
Perfect fit -
One piece used for a long time. Nice feelings, best quality.
Good one natural feel six pack -
Lovely. Best in products, these condoms don't have any peculiar smell. Next best thing to nothing! Durex is best of all the brands!!!
Super -
Very good quality with excellent privacy packing and same day delivery.
Fully Satisfied with Product as shown -
A Good item for a good price. As advertised and functioned as need. Tried several types and brands and this one is in top five
Super -
Nice feeling
Perfect fit! -
Great feelings and very thin. This product is the fit & its perfect and tight fit hence good pleasure. It's a good one using from a long time.
Best condom -
Awesome product and very smooth. My girlfriend and I just loved it. Quality as expected from a brand like Durex. Sets up the mood nicely. It really works well thin.
Perfect for first time condom user -
Extremely product very thin and sensual. India no1 condom safe all time sex. It's very comfortable and lubricated. Nicely packed by Shycart, satisfied with service & product also.
Feeling happy....! -
Super quality it works long last enjoying like anything, the better feeling than other. Gives ultimate pleasure, really very thin. Secured maintained while delivered packaging. Totally Very Excellent...durex is the best brand of condoms!
Excellent -
Product is good, your privacy policy is good
Excellent -
It gives extended pleasure. Slightly lesser than the market price.Timely delivery. Proper packaging with complete privacy. The product is genuine, good and effective.
Good -

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