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Pre-seed fertility friendly lubricant

4000 3430

Pre-seed fertility friendly lubricant- pack of 2

8000 6500

Pre-seed fertility friendly lubricant + i-know ovulation test kit

4149 4099

Pre-seed fertility friendly lubricant + i-can + i-know

4604 4149

Pre-seed fertility friendly lubricant

4000 3430

Reviews (48)

Average Rating :
Nice service -
Nice service and timely delivery
On  21-Sep-2018
Prompt delivery -
They delivered us the product quickly and the product is worth it
On  07-Sep-2018
Good product -
Good product
On  29-Aug-2018
Excellent product. -
Thank you for bringing it to the Indian market. Worked as per claimed.
On  17-Aug-2018
It's too too good -
Excellent product.. Now I am 35 weeks pregnant.. Thanks to preseed
On  06-Aug-2018
Great service -
A great idea backed with great execution!
On  19-Jun-2018
Great service -
The service was swift and on time. Great service.
On  30-May-2018
Good service -
Good service.. super quick delivery
On  27-May-2018
Excellent service -
Product was delivered the next day even though the website said 3 - 5 days. Was highly impressed with the speed.
On  07-May-2018
Excellent -
Thanks for delivering before time
On  30-Apr-2018

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It doesn’t matter. You have to use lubes during sex other than practice. It makes perfect sex life.

What are the best water-based lubricants?

Check out here a wide range of Water Based Lubricant products. Water based lubes are a great for vaginal dryness, work wonders when applied topically, and during sex. Find the best water based lubricant online.

What are the benefits of Pre-Seed Personal Lubricant?

Pre Seed pre seed fertility friendly Lubricant is a natural lubricant, it helps to woman for conceiving and this is the first response fertility lubricant. Check about Pre Seed.